Help. Paranoid question :(

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by lightdragoons12, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. Hi, I start basic training on the 13th of may at atr bassingbourn, I had my adsc in February and passed but at te moment I have a ear infection but don't want to go to the Docter because iv already had 2 this year. I wouldn't say I have recurrent ear infections just after having bad colds got another. Am I being paranoid in thinking if it's noted down on my medical history as having another ear infection that the army myt look through that info when I start basic and maybe defer me, iv been told by friends who are all serving I'm being paranoid an it's just a infection. But just looking for reassurance really. Thanks.
  2. Let it get worse and risk losing your hearing then.
  3. No I'll go the the Docters no problem. Just looking for people's opinions.
  4. Go to the docs.
  5. Yea thats what I'm going to do. Just me being paranoid thinking when I get to basic there going to be funny about it. On that note what happens in basic dont you have a another medical or is it just blood tests and vaccinations?
  6. Why is this in Regular Officer Recruiting if your going to Bassingbourne your not an officer.

    And stop being gay & go to the doctors.
  7. Just get it sorted, might I recommend cutting your head off?

    On a serious note, get to the Dr's and sort it now. The medical rules on deferrals are there to protect both YOU and the army. however, get it sorted now and it shouldn't be a problem.
  8. Cheers. Very true it's only a ear infection being a gay about it.
  9. Perhaps you should see an opticians at the same time as this was placed in the Officer forum rather than Soldiers. Although I supposed a severe ear infection could induce nasty headaches which, in turn could blur your vision.

    On a serious note... Just go to the doctors. I have a rather severe ear infection last year that I thought would clear itself up and it led to me blacking out on the daily commute to work. It went down on my records as being caused by the ear infection and due to not having any other similar occurances it seemed to be overlooked by the Army even though it was disclosed on my medical docs.

    Because gay men are well known for avoiding doctors at all costs? Go expand your vocabulary and then come back with a more logical put-down.
  10. Go to the docs. And why is this on regular officer recruiting?