HELP !! Out in April and been offered a med discharge BUT........

The doc says if I was to get Med discharged I would not be able to commute my lump sum.

My last paid day in the Army is April the 12th, and to be honest I have plans for that gratuity.

I will have done 24 years in April (VENG) and will be leaving as a SSgt (Couldn't promote because of being downgraded)

As time is ticking I have to give an answer by Friday, which doesn't give me alot of time to work out the best option for me.

It is likely I would get discharged under tier 2.

So would I be better off just leaving as normal and then get my full lump sum (I was commuting it all) or potentially go for Med Discharge and end up worse off initially, as I wouldn't be able to get my full communted lump sum.
How did your pension turn out? Did you have 50k or more? In similar situation

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