Help One day short of pension! How?????????

Hi guys I'm new to this so please have patience with me.

I've just finished what I believed was 22 years in the Infantry only to have JPA phone me and tell me yestreday afternoon that "You're one day short of qualifying for a pension." I was told that the matter is being looked at by a "Major in Worthy Down" who is emailing Kentigern House to try and resolve the matter. JPA's hands are tied and there is "nothing we can do". They can't give me contact details for the "Major in Worthy Down" neither can they tell me what date I should have finished or indeed what dates they have for my start and end of service. The ironic thing is that they also say that I was paid for four extra days beyond my run out date and they will be writing to me to ask to to return that money, I can't confirm these extra days as I have not received a pay statement detailing this payment.

I'm at a loss as to how this happened I did have broken service but my pension qualfying date was amended to be 27 May 1985 until the 26 may 2007 this information was recieved from JPA by my regimental clerks and thus my leaving dates were arranged as a result of this. I have spoken to these clerks and they say they wil look at the matter on Monday so it looks like a worrying weekend for myself and the family. Does anyone have any advise or has anyone heard of a similar incident.
Happened to me - had to extend by 10 days to get over the 22 year point - paper transaction - but in the days prior to JPA - it was a simple matter of signing a form AFB 6848 if memory serves.

This is an admin error that can be resolved by your Unit - your CO has to sign the extension though, then do the time and you get your pension etc....

Mind you - should this not have been picked up by your RAO and Resettlement Officer - it is a part of their Job Spec - to ensure you are not disadvantaged

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