Help on submitting a travel claim?

I am currently working in a unit which is 51 miles (1 way) from my quarter location. My RAO has allowed me to claim a massive ONE return journey a week! Sadly I have no RAO staff in either of my locations due to a tour/sick leave etc. Just wondered if anyone knows how to submit this clain and as to what travel claim it would be? As in HTD, Journey Non Warrant, etc.
Any help greatlt appreciated.


Hull Boy
Your HR staff should be starting your HTD or GYH mileage. They do this on JPA and it is a 2 second job (JPA notwithstanding!!)

Is this a temp move? Do you commute daily or live in during the week then travel at weekends? Are you VOLSEP?

Is there a reason why your quarter is not at this duty station?

Sorry for the questions but it all helps to build a picture and to give you the best answer.
It is a perm move till posted to an ATR, which is looking like May. Due to this I am not allowed to move qaurter. They have however offered me a room in the block and one return journey a week. If I choose not to live in the block, (which I have done) then all my other journeys through the week have to be funded out of my own pocket. I am at a unit that is split over 3 different locations but no longer work in the sqn i was assigned to.
Who has decided it is 51 miles from your quarter? You can claim HDT for a daily return journey of 50 miles (each way) or less, or if you can only get home at weekends and it is over 50 miles you could claim GYM.

The para you need is below:

04.1315. Temporary Duty and Courses. Subject to a maximum limit of the 50 mile rate, Service personnel who are temporarily assigned from their permanent duty station (eg for a course) will be entitled to HDT (Public) or (Private) as follows:

a. For a Period of 10 Days or More. Subject to agreement by the CO of the temporary duty establishment, HDT (Public) or (Private) at the rate for the distance between their RWA at their permanent duty station and the temporary duty station.

b. For a Period of Less than 10 Days. HDT (Public) or (Private) at the rate for the distance between their RWA at their permanent duty station and either the temporary or permanent duty station, whichever is the greater.

Hope this clears it up for you.
Elsie Thanks for your help. It was them that decided how far it was. They are only 6 miles out. Anyway thanks again.


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