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Help on naming this part

Looks like a long weight to me, but then I was also Infantry.
That's what they look like... have been sent any number of times to get one, the CQMS was never able to issue one and sent me to the RQMS.

A very helpful man indeed. He always had a good search of his stores before regretfully sending me on my way empty handed.

I don't think our Wombats ever got pulled through given the absolute dearth of long weights.


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Here is a complete description of the item from the person who made it

Presented to Brigadier EG Bailey From All Members 61 STA WKSP REME August 1979.


Which is why I posted it in the REME forum hoping to get a sensible answer, fat chance.
A wild guess - the knurled bit suggests it is adjustable by hand and could therefore be to do with calibration in a workshop. The base may be a later addition and not part of the original thingymabob.


I could be any of the bits inside the rarden which took chunks off my hands. I was too scared to look inside to be honest


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I can assure you that it is neither a Warwick James Elevator nor a Howarth's Periosteal Retractor.

Am going on the basis of Holmes' theory that "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."


Which is why I posted it in the REME forum hoping to get a sensible answer, fat chance.
You've been on here long enough to know that regardless of where you post a question, be it the Hole, the NAAFI, or Current Affairs, the same turds will reply with their own unique brand of "humour" regardless; most of whom will be lacking in silverware, operational service and will almost certainly be addicted to alcohol.

Don't take it personally.

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