Help on getting out ive been disgarged

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by hokaday, Sep 22, 2007.

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  1. hi i have been disgarded from the army on serivce no longer required all the papper work has been sent of and i have clear from every where and got my self a job as they told me i would be out last job starts on the 1st october and im still at the unit i ask the welfare officer what going on i got told to stop asking when i be out they cant give me a date any more.the medcenter say that i should not be in work as i have fully cleared from them and every else im borrowing my uniform off mates i would like some help as im am young and not very confident ive been told i am defiently out i cant afford to lose the job that i have been lucky enf to get.

    please can some one give me some support as i feel i can no longer ask or get help from my unit as they say nothing they can do
  2. I suspect that your unit is waiting for clearance from Glasgow. The good news is that you will be paid until you leave.

    Just how old are you? Where are you going to live on discharge? If at home, that is good. If you don't have accommodation, you must ask your welfare staff to refer you to SSAFA, IIRC. SSAFA can help you find accommodation through other welfare organisations.

    I am sorry to hear that it didn't work out as a career. However, until you are discharged, you must remain engaged with the welfare staff. Only they can help you. You could speak to your boss and emphasise that the job is critical and you must be there on 01 Oct. I am not at work so don't know whether you have any entitlement to resettlement (although I don't think there is any entitlement for less than 5 year's service).

  3. This may be the wrong advice but it's what i'd do. If you have a job arranged for the 1st of October make sure you are there for it, You are being discharged as SNLR, You owe the Army nothing and they sure as hell will do nothing to help you.

    You've cleared everyone don't let their piss poor admin mess up your next job.

    Obviously I am not condoning going AWOL but make everyone you can aware of this situation and even if your clearance does take a while, I am sure their is something in place that will allow you to Start work whilst still serving.
  4. Why are you borrowing uniform?

    If you have de-kitted then you no longer have to wear it!

    Who has told you to parade in uniform?
  5. my troop oc told me to wear kit she tryed to put me on guard duty and lots of other dutys she is also telling me to sighn for a new 11 57.i am 19 years old and i going to be living at home.i have been waiting for about 5 - 6 weeks for the papper work to come back.who do i need to speak to about making sure i get away to start my new job so far welfare and troop staff say well your in army dony care about my new job im in limbo atm got no motivation what so ever.i have been seen the aws they rang me to check up on me i told them what was going on they rang around next day i got a slight telling off saying dont you dare go to out side agencys.
  6. try speaking with the padre, you would be suprised how much clout they can have.
    Please don't keep quiet for fear of getting in trouble.
    You have de-kitted and been cleared by medical centre so you should not be working, that includes duties.
  7. but what can the padre do all i get told is nothing the unit can worrying so much tho i realy dont wana miss out on this job its once in a life time for some one of my troop oc say she wants me in kit and i dont wana get in trouble.
  8. Methinks more to this than meets the eye
  9. If you have de-kitted, then your Tp Comd. cannot put you on duties or have you parading in a uniform you effectively don't have. Sounds to me like someone doesn't like the fact that you are out and are trying to make your life as difficult as possible before you leave.

    Speak to the padre, he will most defo get to the bottom of it and ensure you are being treated fairly.
  10. There probably is, but if what he says is true then his OC has no right to make him do duties and would be extremely unfair if he lost a job because of this.

    Whatever the reason for discharge we should do our best to ensure every soldier leaves with the best possible chance of employment, What would you rather,
    A: he walks into a job straight away or
    B: he goes straight onto the dole, ?
  11. why are you snlr? have you put your daor in or are they booting you out?

    usually you are dekitted in the least week-often on the last day

    if you really have been dekitted ie not sold it in town or had it nicked- they cant put you on duties

  12. What I meant was that if he has signed off everywhere and had his final medical,what is keeping him there?.
    By rights he should have no military kit at all including bedding so why not just walk out?
  13. Thats what i would do
  14. i am being dischared as it is not for me i tryed it and have not been happy for while aws appylyed for me to be discarged.i dont want to do any thing wrong i just want out of the army the correct way so i can take the next step in my life get a job doing what i feel is for me.i am going to go the padre on monday morning.some one i know said that i should go to the med center and get a chit of the doctor saying i can not do any as i have had my final medical does that mean i should not be in army any more i feel my OC will have a go at me and say then i should not of had my final medical but i got told that i be out 2 weeks wednesday but im stil here i dont want to do any thin to get me in trouble i just want to so badly to leave army on good terms n start my new life in the job that i realy want but time is running out and im getting worried.