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Hello, if I can recieve any help here it would be very appreciated. Anyway i have just been ''asked'' to leave my sixth form college i was attending because i had a disagreement with a cap wearing, yellow teeth kid two years below me. Now I wasnt that worried about getting kicked out of school but my parents were so the next day they sent me to get a full time job. Now i have been interested in the Army since I was a kid but got told I wasnt allowed to join by my parents when I wanted to join at 16. But now im over 18 i know that they dont have to have a say in the matter so i went to the recruitment office and they gave me application forms that i was allowed to take home and read over.

Anyway my folks wernt to happy so they told me to send the forms off the very same day, but im flapping because im not in the best shape that i can be and i want that little bit extra to go to RSC and basic training with. So with the forms being sent off today i want to know have i still got enough time to get my fitness standard up to a high level before they call on me to start my testing, or do people start preparing months before they send the application forms off?
I'd say it's a double edged sword to give yourself a ton of time to get ultra-fit anyway. How can you expect to stay as motivated as you are now 3-4 months down the line when you haven't seen any progress on the army front. Attending the RSC at your earliest convenience, so long as you aren't utterly unfit, would be in my opinion the better course of action anyway.

Most people don't really prepare that much, thinking their school fitness/weekly football/whatever will tide them over, and I'd say they're mostly right. Unless you're aiming for Para I don't think you'd need more than 6 weeks to cut yourself into reasonable shape if you're out of form. Plus, why train yourself to a very high standard of fitness alone; that sucks; let the army beast you into shape in basic.

The app process is pretty slow, you need to do the BARB and an interview before you can go to an RSC "meet". I wouldn't be surprised if you had 6 weeks from now to wait.

Hope this helps.

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