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Discussion in 'Photography' started by blacky, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. blacky

    blacky Old-Salt

    Trying to buy Mrs Black a compact digitial, the type she can stuff in her bag.

    Anybody recommend a good make and model, must be pink
  2. tropper66

    tropper66 Crow

    Get her a new mobile phone and kill two birds with one stone
  3. Bumper

    Bumper War Hero

    The pink thing is a limiting factor. If you're serious, check out this site for advice,
    Despite being American, he's independent and the site is full of very useful photography tips and recommendations for a range of budgets. As a rule, Canon have the edge on compacts and they even make a pink one. Some of the model numbers are different in the UK but I think most that he quotes are sold here.
    Good luck
  4. smudge67

    smudge67 Crow

    Don't listen to that advice. It's gash. A phone is handy on the lash, and convenient, but the quality isn't the same as a proper digital camera.

    The focus/zoom/anti-shake etc is far superior on a camera.
  5. björn

    björn Old-Salt

    Agreed with smudge. I bought a Panasonic Lumix ZX5. Its pretty compact, but there are smaller models.
    Leica optics (as used by Erwin Rommel) and a massive zoom... Good battery life and solid. Really worth it.
  6. ForestFire

    ForestFire Old-Salt

    Try this one, it's a Which best buy, it costs about £173.

    Canon Digital Ixus 90 IS
  7. We recently (about 6 months ago) bought a new Casio Exilim(? spelling). It is excellent, has good battery life and uses common PC applications for downloading, viewing and memory management.

    Good piece of kit.
  8. tropper66

    tropper66 Crow

    You haven't used one of the new Nokias or Blackberrys , Fuji are doing a cashback on their Finepix cameras at the moment check out the Website
  9. Bootifull

    Bootifull War Hero

  10. Quaker

    Quaker War Hero

    Always been a fan of Canon myself. Film or digital compacts or SLR/DSLR's. They do a 10MP compact in pink called the IXUS 95 for £155.00 at See it here: Canon IXUS 95 IS

    By the way, are good to deal with, never had a problem with any of my transactions with them.

    Alternatively I have also used RGB Tech who are also very good. They do a Fuji FinePix 12MP camera in pink for only £79.00. Take a look: Fuji FinePix J30


  11. Jimmy_Green

    Jimmy_Green On ROPS On ROPs

    I recently bought the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZX1 which does everything I want from a camera.
    It is compact enough to slip into a jeans pocket, yet is large enough to enable a knuckle dragger like me to operate the nobs and buttons easily, it has a wide angle lens, x8 zoom, 12 mega pixies, and all the usual trickery you'd expect from a digicam these days, such as red-eye correction, image stabilisation, face recognition etc. It also gets a lot of good reviews for its picture quality.

    For a longer zoom (x12) there's the Panasonic TZ7.

    Canon do a smart compact that's had a lot of good reviews (Ixus 200), but which is a bit too small and fiddly for my sausage fingers. I do think though, that Canon are a wee bit expensive in comparison to their competitors when put up against similar or superior spec cameras.
  12. Litotes

    Litotes LE

    I have a Canon 90IS. The controls are a little strange and it feels completely different to the earlier Ixus 65 but the quality of the photographs is stunning.

    Whatever you buy, I recommend purchasing a good quality leather case as part of the package.

  13. 12volts

    12volts War Hero

    I'd suggest a Kodak 'Brownie'. Very simple controls.

    Seriously tho' any of the Canon iXus range, I've owned one for a couple of years now. In September, I bought the wife a new Nikon Coolpix S620 - at her request - it is absolutely superb. Highly recommended.
  14. PVR-Please

    PVR-Please Old-Salt

    Mobile phones are never going to compete with a dedicated camera, it's all to do with size, despite what Phone makers tell you, your never going to get close to a camera quality with a camera phone with a pish poor lens and a tiny sensor, of course they may well come close to a cheapo Korean camera.

    Ken Rockwell, interesting bloke, depending on your view point he's talks sense or he talks bolloxs, most photographers probably lean toward the latter :)

    As most seem to agree, Canon takes some beating in the compact range, and there's me a Sony owner :roll: