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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Murphy_Slaw, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Right guys and gals, I'm trying to find anything on my great grandad(no not that!)I mean his war record.
    I have his WW1 attestation papers but can find nothing else.
    He joined the RFA in Jan 1915 in Carlisle. But after that I have nothing. I have tried medal cards, nominal rolls, war records...every thing i can think of and his name does not appear anywhere apart from his attestation.
    I have his name and service number and the fact that he joined the Royal Field Artillery in 1915...then nothing.
    I know he survived the war so he is not on any memorials.
    Can anyone out there point me in the right direction.

  2. Have you tried asking here:

    His records may have been burnt during the Blitz, or if you're lucky they may just have been misfiled. Have you tried searching for different spellings of his name?

    You probably know this, but searching for military records is free this month. Unfortunately a lot of the records aren't online yet though (I think they've only got to N or thereabouts).

    Best of luck.
  3. Sometimes the MIC's (Medal Index Cards) can be tricky to find on the online index. If you post his name and service number (I don't think PERSEC is still in effect :wink: ) I'll have a go - I do a fair amount of research into this type of thing. As for his service record, probably less than 20% survive so it's no surprise you haven't found anything. The pension records are online too, but this only applies if he received a pension due to wounds or injury. The other possibility is that he served only at home, and that would explain the lack of an MIC as he would not have qualified for any medals.

    Anyway, the offer's there if you want to supply his name and number - by PM if you prefer.
  4. Thanks for the offer. Below is his attestation paper including service number. He joined on 05 Jan 1915 at Carlisle.

    Interestingly he has Borderers crossed out and then R.F.A. written infor his Corps!

    Just in case you can't read it.

    Sevice no. 73733: name. John Hartley Douglas.

    Attached Files:

  5. No problem at all, I'll get hunting. By the way, how many pages is his attestation? Quite often, if you do find service papers surviving, it's just that sheet and maybe a few other pages. It really is hit and miss, unfortunately.
  6. I only have the one page. If it helps I know he wasn't wounded, at least not seriously, as he worked in the Workington steel works after the war.
    I have no idea if he served overseas although he was nearly 35 when he joined! So maybe they cut him some slack and kept him in Blighty.
  7. I've found him! There are 6 additional pages of service records for him plus the attestation page that you have. I found these in the Pension records. I haven't been able to go through them all yet as the server at is bloody slow at the moment. But, he only served for 254 days before being discharged as unfit for further service - and it appears that all of his service was in the UK...which would explain the lack of an MIC (which I looked for first and was unable to find). Once the server sorts itself out I'll be able to download the 7 pages as jpegs which I can email to you, if you'd like. You'll just have to pm me an email address (one on a broadband connection perferrably as the images are fairly large). I also found his entry in the Birth index - born 2 quarter of 1879 in Cumberland (can't remember the town, but I'll send the index page to you as well).
  8. Wow! Quick work. PM on it's way.

    Thanks again.