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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Cherry, Dec 18, 2004.

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  1. Hi, im new here today and just wanted to pick your brains for a bit.
    I have recentley passed my Army entrance exams and hope to join the RAVC, however i still have selection to pass and a decidedly dodgy knee.I had an op about 2 years ago but it still aggrevates me a little.
    Im cycling around 8 miles every couple of days to build up a little more strength in my legs and improve my cv before i start running again,i was just wondering if any of you could pass on a few tips or words of advice to help me get back into condition.
    Any advice gratefully recieved!.

    Cheers. :D
  2. You might also want to ask the guys and gals on the RAMC board.
    Can't guarantee any sense out of them - but you might just be lucky.....
  3. First off, get off the bike, you're doing too much for a bloke with a dodgy knee. Don't try anything (and don't continue with anything) which causes the joint to work so hard. You should be resting it. You need to take some time away from exercise. That sounds odd, but knees are complex joints and most soldiers will have suffered from a knee injury at some point in their career. Some have seen thier careers end due to bad knees. Put back your assessment for as long as they will let you. Give yourself some time.

    You really need some professional advice mate. If you can afford to go private (or if your parents can help) get down to see a sports physiotherapist.

    You'll not succeed with a bad knee. You'll make it worse if you continue to train on it.

    Don't rush it just to get into the Army quickly. The Army will still be here next year (we hope!). Sort your knee out or it may stop you getting in or it may shorten your career.
  4. Cheers for the replies.
    Firstly im actually female!( i think).
    Secondly my knee doesnt tend to hurt when im riding,i had a latteral release to my left knee back in 2000.I was a dancer and would run ten to twelve miles every two days to keep my stamina up.Unfortunatley pounding the old concrete does nothing for you joints which im finding out about now!.
    I have had extensive physio and before i was actually allowed to go ahead with my application i was reviewed by a board of MO's who gave me the green light.
    I applied back in 1999 for the RA but my fitness obviously wasnt enough, a fiance and two year old brat in tow im back for another crack at my chosen career.
    I just need to know of if any of you guys on here know how best to build up my running?. Getting on a bit (24) so if any of you have any spare magic wands going, will swap a hard working,2 year old brat for it!!.
  5. I found when i use to do a lot of running, to build up the stamina and speed, an age old process of running up a steep hill, then a normal jog back down it, to have the process repeated.

    Or the other if there are no hills near you, is sprint to a post about 200m away, then slowly jog back, obviously you can do a variation of this theme.

    It is also advisable to wear a day sack, so you can get use to running with that on, and even put some weight in it, ( i dont mean the amount where some one has to help you stand up, but just some thing light).

    All this being said, is be careful of ya knees, Speaking as some one who suffered from some serious knee problems in the past, due to to much tabbing/running, competitions etc...

    You really dont want to over do it, if during your training you start to get pains then stop. Dont try to be a god and think you can push yourself through the pain, as this is when injury will become worse.

    It sounds as though you are pretty active at the moment, so dont over do it, and you should be ok
  6. What the fcuk would you know? Except for running with that massive belly to the pizza shop,, BB?

    Ignore everything from miffy or any of her AKAs. Mitty would be a more apt username.
  7. miffy is a civvy who has never done anything remotley military. She spouts 'advice' as varied as PTSD to SF training tips. Ignore
  8. This is why i said something light, i didnt mean put an artic container on ya back,
  9. The point i was making was not to run or not to run with weight but to ignore everything that miffy says. WTF would a 46 year old divorced bad mother who has never served actually know except for a quick google search ref running?

    As I said, IMHO, ignore this troll.
  10. Flashy, I will go with you on this one as the person I thought it was has no internet access at the moment.

    I am with you, my lord.

    Yours, The Slug.

    My humble apologies.
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    In keeping with other Mods I will enforce this with zeal.

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  12. Cheer's for the replies. :D
  13. No worries

    Wish you the best of luck and keep us informed how you do
  14. Shall do. Ran just over a mile today, wont tell you the time it took, have some pride!! :( :oops:
  15. itws not about the time you do it in, to start off with as this is why its called training.