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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ricky8675, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. hi guys, can anyone give me some info about the vest in the pictures please? specifically where to get it and how much it is going to cost?

    any help will be greatly appriciated


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  2. A site search would've turned up that it's the Pathfider Vest made by Troopers in Collie and cost about 180 squid.

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  3. It is a self made battlevest, a lot of the Pathfinder lads / THEM had vests like this made for ops.

    thecoops - Ref the link, that version of the vest, we first brought into the UK approx 2 years ago, we had a limited run of them made, and they very quickly run out.

    We do have a new version, about to come into testing, very simular to the one in the first picture. We are awaiting the first sample to hit the UK over the next few days.

    Once that happends, and as long as it pass's testing, then we will be in a far better position to supply these vests on a more regular basis.

    If you do want one of these made, I can point you towards a friend that I have who will make them up as a one off - but he does charge a fair amount for them.
  4. I stand corrrected! - the version in the pics in the Patherfinder Vest, made by Troopers.