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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by PartTimePongo, Sep 29, 2004.

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  1. Has anyone got an "Ideal CP" plan ,with a list of equpment and bits and bobs , even top tips?

    Both for the 9x9 and FFR.

    Also what are your top tips for extra bits for the battlebox?

    Oh ,and any photos of gucci map tables ,or plans to build appreciated.

  2. Electronic Battle Box CD - Staff Officer Manual contains some sections on Bde

    The Infantry Signals manuals do the same for Bg/Bn and Coys - from memory this was quite detailed. This is also on the same cd (2 I think)
  3. Thanks Polar

    Now I need to find the CD
  4. If I find its order code/number I'll post it.
  5. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator


    Good things to have in battlebox

    Talc (never seem to get big enough bits)
    Routplanner maps (N &/or S) depending on where you're going
    Permanent lumocolour pens - someone will always nick the black one so get several - preferably fine tips.
    Map stencil
    Sticky index "flags" to put on the map once you've drawn the symbols on them - much better than writing on the talc.
    Map pins
    Log book
    Guide to map marking (solves arguments)
    White board (handy for planning) and markers
    Folding map board thingy on top of GS table - handy for 9X9 type set-up - sorry haven't got a photo, but we do have several of these.
    Kettle and brew kit (depending on your power supply of course)
    Chocolate (never underestimate the power of chocolate)
    A copy of the CEI - always hard to be on the right net without it
    Polar is right about the electronic battlebox - fount of all knowledge but you may not get it for every CP - even if you do, you obviously then need a laptop. Good back up is ATAM.

    Don't forget the storm lashings for the 9X9, we had lots of fun recently on Ex Horseshoe 5 without these......

  6. Not forgetting, of course... many as you can get,
    D10 and remote handset...there is always a wnaker who will want you to remote!
    Kero Heater (and CORRECT fuel, wick trimmer and spares)
    Jiff boys and girls (ask the signals rep)
    Nail varnish remover (im serious)
    8 lighters
    pack of cards
    pron mags
    toilet roll
    sleeping bag
    am I straying from the point??
    dementia is a terrible thing.
    yes ronald
  7. From: The British Army Electronic Battle Box - Edition 6, January 2003

  8. Just spent 2 weeks sorting out double Sqn CNR CP's in 2x TC OPO's, 1 12x12, 1624 gene plus 2 xFFR, now transfering whole shooting match into CCRF ops room with TSB's!

    Probably more crap than needed, but you will be surprised, there are some gucci Ops tables available that split open to provide area for scan/map etc

    PM me and I can get you the whole list as per SOP's.

    I find its the Blue non-perm markers that disappear :evil:
  9. Do you have the NSNs? They can't be classified or can they
  10. Yes, I will sort them out soonest, they've got a pin board and every thing :)
  11. I was unable to get the NSN last night as the tables were still locked away. RQMS promised me the NSN's later this week.
  12. thanks. if u need the fold away battle board tables I can arrange
  13. Flags are fine until they fall off - which they tend to do when the talc is being moved or two minutes before the most senior officer within 50 miles walks through the door. Plus you'll need to draw on the talc anyway to put on defensive position outlines, arrows, phase lines and all the other stuff. Take a big bottle of surgical spirit and kimwipe or rags and you can clean them up quickly. And always use permanent marker, there's nothing like finding a company imprinted on your palm backwards and not on the map to ruin one's day.

    And make sure your map marking reference is APP6A, not APP6. Now we use shapes that are not all rectangular you'll need more than an empty 35mm slide as a stencil, so buy or make one (or several if it's not sturdy).
  14. Make sure you mark the grid lines on the talc for reference, saves a lot of trouble when some bright spark takes the talc off and puts it back on in the wrong place 8O

    Good point about the perm marker, meths works just as good and is available in handy bottles from the SQMS. (Tend to go through 2-3 a week)
  15. msr

    msr LE

    You're not supposed to drink them :wink: