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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Mike_2817, Aug 9, 2004.

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  1. As shown below I am a Researcher & Webmaster into RAOC History and RLC Insignia.

    I am looking for examples of Formation Patches as listed uder RLC Wants.

    (Updated 12th March 2005) In particular:
    Pictures not to scale

    3 ADTR RCT /4 General Support Regiment ? Subdued Embroidered ?Duesburg? Arms

    7 Transport Regiment ? Embroidered White Polish Eagle on Red

    Joint Helicopter Support Unit ~ Embroidered ARMY- RAF (JHSU) with Chinook Helicopter

    Catering Support Regiment - First Embroidered Pattern Oval Patch

    BATUS Indian Chief in colour or subdued
    >No Picture avalable<

    Instructor Flashes from DST Leconsfield
    >No Picture avalable<

    I know its Sad! But we all need a hobby.....

    All research is past onto the RLC Museum so that it is recorded for the future.

    PM me if you can help. I am willing to pay for samples or make donation to Army Benevolent Fund instead.

    Note: Just becouse I have a picture does not make it any closer to having a sample for my collection.....

  2. Or Stewert Aviation
  3. Yes to both - Only wish they did have them!

  4. Hej Mike,
    Re 168 Pioneer Regt (RLC) V are you referring to the red and green shoulder flash with 168 in black emblazoned on it ? If you can confirm this then as the bloke who formed the Regt and was it's first CO- then perhaps I can help - let me know.
    Hej då (Swedish for 'so long')
  5. Hello and thanks for your reply. I have top example of a 168 Flash, which I am told is a later copy for the collectors market? I am looking for the original bottom example. Or at least confirmation that what I have been told is right?

    Regards, Mike

    Not to scale
  6. Hej Rod,

    Thank you for sending me an original 168 Pioneer Regt RLC (V) which is most appreciated. It has been added to my samples from other RLC Regimeents & units.

    Hej då and again thank you.
  7. I have amended main list and added/removed badges in view of information and donations received. I have written to everybody who contacted me, but again a big thank you.

    I have started a new thread thread, asking - What badges are still worn? if any.