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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Be_The_Best, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. hey everyone,

    I've just got my enlistment forms and am in the process of filling them in. Although I was really looking forward to starting Harrogate, which I start on September 9th, my mum is becoming really controlling of my application and im starting to consider not signing them and cancelling my application! I'm currently on an army preparation course and we were told yesterday by the staff that us that start harrogate soon can quit on friday. I went home and told my mum this and shes gone and phoned my army recruting office and twisted the story which im rather embarrased about and said that they have told us to quit (which isn't the case) Now when i go in tommorow, i'm probably going to get a horrid time from the staff and the sgt there (who to make things worse is a para). Im 16 years old and i want to be in control of my army application and what i do and i just want to leave the course so i can have 2 weeks to be with friends before i go to harrogate. she probably thinks she is doing the best for me but shes making me feel like a small child who she has to make all the decisions for and im starting to feel like if i sign these enlistment papers i'll be going into the army on her terms, and not mine and i dont want to get into the army knowing that the decisions made along the recruting process were not my decisions and were influenced by mum mum. what should i do??? :cry:
  2. Hello mate. Try talking to your mum about how you feel. Aslong as you get to go does it really matter if your mum influenced the recruiting process?

  3. Calm down, and think about why you are joining up.

    Is it because you want to? If so, then don't cut off your nose to spite your face, and go get your papers signed!

    I expect the staff will be fine with you, and if they say anything about the phone call, just explain that you and your mum had a misunderstanding and a few wires got crossed! I think you're doing the right thing though, wanting to take some time to spend with your mates before you go in!
  4. ive tried but she just doesnt listen! now when i go back to the course 2morro im goin 2 get fu***d all over the place by the staff because its been made out that ive been lying about them by my mum n she doesnt even seem to care! she needs to remember that its not her thats got to do the course, its me and if i want to quit i should be allowed to but she doesnt respect any of my decisions!
  5. that was to homer btw ^^
  6. Well, you can do one of two things - either do as you wish and argue with your mum, or bite your tongue and do as she wishes - that choice is yours alone! Why doesn't she want you to quit the course?
  7. because she thinks its goin to help me! which it has but if i dont quit, i'll have to time with my mates and i'll finish the course 2 weeks on friday and go to harrogate on the sunday!!! so i have one day between finishin the course and startin the real thing !! :?
  8. As I said - its your call, but I would be tempted to have the break, and let your mum come round to the idea!
  9. I agree with Soozi bite your tongue mate. I would stay on the course if I were you. After you start Harrogate and get some leave you can see your mates then.

  10. she isnt goin to come round to the idea though unfortunatly. she could have just said no u cant finish on friday but oh no thats not good enough for her she has to ring my recruitin office and make them have a go at the staff on the course! so when i go in 2morro there gonna come after me cos they will fink ive gone and told my mum that theyve told us to quit!!
  11. Sorry, I meant do the opposite - you're going to be away from home for a long time - you need to enjoy your last couple of weeks!
  12. Well 6 weeks isnt too long, then you get 1 weeks leave.

  13. Firstly everyone gets cold feet coming up to the attesting and the start of AFC which I think deep down both you and your mum are feeling. With regards to your recruiters being mad dont worry as I know from personnel experience that as a recruiter we do know how nervous you can get and have seen it all before. You need to discuss the feelings you have with your mum though and remember one thing that by the end of the day SHE is the one who could if she wishe prevent you from going in if she refuses to sign your Under 18 consent form (which has happened in the past this close to enlistment).
    Missing your mates/partner is a problem for a lot of young lads but when you get your first leave after the sixth week with £500-£600 in your pocket its a good feeling.
    My lads just finished a year in Harrogate and loved it and admits it was scary leaving home but the things he has done in the last year from ski-ing in Austria, European battle field tour and the sporting side, he's loved it.

    Regarding the preparation course, it is a good thing to do and will get you in the right frame of mind and make things a bit easier when you arrive in Harrogate. If yo do feel a bit overwhelmed with it all and wish to leave earlier speak to the staff and Im sure they will work a compromise.
  14. but the bad thing is that, yes she rung the recruitin office, but it wasnt my recruiter who she spoke to, it was some corporal and that cant be a good thing, not from what ive seen of corporals at lichfield and on my trip to catterick. if my sgt had picked up he would have probably asked to speak to me so i could have to him the truth but he didnt and now the corporal who actually has no idea of the truth because of what my mum said is goin to ring the course and pretty much tell them a 98% bullshit story :!:
  15. So either nip into the ACIO or phone your recruiter or Senior Recruiter, honestly as said Ive done the Recruiting Sgt job and they will not be unfair to you and have seen it all before. Your getting yourself worried for no reason.