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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Books, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi
    i need some help and i thought this might be the place to get the info i require (i am sure if im wrong you lot will let me know soon enough).

    I am appliying for a Civil Serpants job overseas (as opposed to my present Civil serpant overhere job) and one thing i need more knowledge of is "Understanding of risks in ensuring security of Posts overseas and how to manage them".

    Now i do not want to breach Op-sec or per_ sec in pursuit of this but i have been trawling the net and coming up short, so if anybody has any useful info or links for me to look at could you PM me.


    and if is the wrong forum, dare i say it "let me know"
  2. Err... The Civil Service doesn't give you any clues on this?

    You know... Silly little things like "Beware of Arabs bearing guns" or "The large envelope with greasy marks you didn't expect shouldn't be opened". Little hints... You know...

    Oh... and as a warning the NAAFI is where the drunks hang out... You're not going to get the best answers here... :wink:
  3. No i know all the little hints, so nothing diffrent from what i already know then? if so im sorted, gonna get me crayons out and get that form completed. :D
  4. A civil serpant? Bloody snake in the grass!!!!!
  5. Oi oi....I resemble that remark.
  6. ...And so it begins...

  7. Civil servants are neither civil or servants, just a bloody waste of rations
  8. I am just so glad i posted here, i knew it would not be a mistake, so roll on the abuse. I am big now so i can handle it, :lol: