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i went to lichfield in july and passed selection. my run time was 9mins 59 which is pretty poor. ive been told im startin harrogate in september and im bein sent in as welsh guards but ive decided i want to go para. so i went on the army online careers office and they sed that if i can get my run time to para standard i can transfer to para at harrogate. anyone kno if this is reliable info and does anyone kno how i can contact the para? any help wud be much appreciated


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yes you get a chance cos when you go to AFC you can change your regiment at week 4 and 26 just make shure you are certain thats what you want to do. when you hit catterick i Para Coy you have to do P Coy and if you ain't fit you will suffer.
This site will be of help: CLICKY LINKY

Additionally, use the ARRSE search function in the The Training Wing forum and Infantry because you'll probably find that most of your questions have been asked and answered many times before.

Good Luck!
just to check...will i still be able to transfer if my runtime at ADSC was under para standard?

im gonna make it para standard for the run at harroagte though


Pound the pavement fella if you want to bring your run time down! If you are committed you will do it.

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