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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by finfin, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. hi peeps im in the process of joining the army got selection in a few weeks but i have a moral dilemma! about this time last year i got drunk fell out with my girlfriend and took a load of aspirin next morning i went to the hospital to get checked out as was vomiting blood,when the hospital cleared me to go home they gave me a letter to give to my gp which i never passed on,as my gp has no record of this i never put it down on my RG8 questionnaire.So i was wondering does the army have access to my hospital records if and when i pass selection and if so what should i do because i really want to join the army and dont want to be discharged for my stupidity in this matter so should i just come clean to my recruiting sergeant or keep quiet about the matter and just hope i get away with it
    any help in this matter would be greatfully received
    cheers Fin
    dont know if this thread is in the right place but i thought as you guys are the ones with acces to med records youd be able to give me the most concise answers
  2. Better to come clean with them and be thought a potential self-harming basket case, than to be found out and be considered a lying and dishonest, potential self-harming basket case.
  3. yeah thanks for the advice but i wouldnt personnally call myself a self harming basketcase as this was a stupid and isolated drunken incident,can anyone give me a serious answer as to whether the army has access to my hospital records
  4. Your medical records are Medical in Confidence and should not be available to our employer, this should include the Armed Forces.
  5. Ive had experience on this one. When I was half way through my Basic training at Lichfield a guy was chucked out for that very same reason. The bloke concerned had previously joined another regiment and had overdosed (his bird cheated on him etc etc etc) in order to get a quick discharge. He was found out and immeadiatley thrown out.

    Basically, he was thrown out for hiding his previous medical and military history and therefore deemed to be untrustworthy.

    I think your better off coming clean on this one than potentially getting two months in to your training and getting slung out. Be truthfull from the start and talk to your doctor aswell. He may be able to give you a supporting letter saying that this was an isolated incident.

  6. The CofC are, where necessary, made aware of anything which will impact of your effectiveness in your job. That's a very rosy view you have of working in the forces!
  7. Generally if an incident 'occured' that would warrant needing to look at a person's hospital records then employers would look retrospectively, ie you haven't given any information yet that refers to it... so there is nothing to look for up front....

    But I agree with Red_arrse, being honest up-front is best to know you are trust-worthy. It was a drunken, one-off incident - however, you need to be honest with yourself and that you will be able to cope in other circumstances which will put you and your mates under tremendous pressure. Good luck!
  8. what sort of incident would be needed for them to look at records retrospectively
  9. This isnt the secret service!!!!!! if he has not declared the incident on his medical records and it hasnt been logged with his GP why would the Army further investigate?
  10. thats what i thought also on an nhs website it says only people with written consent can have access to my records do the army ask for me to consent to them having them if and when i sign on the dotted line or do they request them if got injured in battle etc ordo they ust go from what it says on gp's notes
  11. Your GP is asked to complete your questionarre with you.

    If you do not declare an illness/incident/episode - then you may be asked to leave the Army for dishonest practice.
  12. i just handed the questionnaire in at the doctors so i didn't have any input as to what she put she,as i have said this incident is only on hospital records and not gp's
  13. Really sorry - didn't mean to sound dramatic referring to 'incident' - mean generally if something else happened. What I meant if something happened like this again and the army were concerned about your well-being they they may look into your medical history, ie GP notes and/or hospital notes. They cannot gain access to your notes without yours or (god forbid)! your solicitor's permission (if it came to that).....that is what is referring to by accessing your information on NHS sites. This can't just ask for without good reason and/or permission.

    You GP wasn't aware of what happened as you didn't take the letter. They (A&E) may not even have an electronic system of passing the information back to the GP to close the loop. So all in all - no-one is aware of what happened other than at the hospital.... but its something you are obviously worried about. So book an appointment with your GP, (book back-to-back appointment with the Doctor via the receptionist (they don't need to know what for) and say you have a couple of things that you want to go through and don't want to be rushed) then have a chat with your GP about your medical notes and what if anything could the Army ask for if needed.

    Unfortunately/Fortunately - there is not a whole combined patient record when it comes to Civvie/Military... but thats another story!
  14. Again this hasnt been logged with his GP surgery, I do agree that he should be honest about it, however Im pretty sure everyone has a skeleton in their closet that the army "should" know about and dont..... somethings are better left in the past.
  15. how likely is it that that skeleton will rear its head