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Being non-infantry throughout all my whole TA career, I am now going on an Inf based Cse and am in need of some assistance from you guys in the know in explaining, in words of one ... or maybe two syllables so my dullard-like brain can comprehend, how to produce a Battle Group (BG) graphical taskorg and explain how it works (att, dets etc).

I know I'm probably being a bit of a dumbass but I have read all the publications (SOH, AFM Vol 1 Part 2 etc) and still my brain can't conceptualise it!!

Thanks in anticipation, guys.
A Battle group is a Bn (teeth arm unit) supported by sub-units of other elements (such as a coy of inf, sqn of tanks, REME LAD, RMP Det, etc). They come under the command of the leading unit CO for the duration of the tasking.

In a nutshell.
a Battle Group is based around a battalion or regiment. For example,

a Tank/Cavalry Regiment Battle Group may have two squadrons of their own tanks, a squadron of light recce, an armoured infantry company, an artillery battery, an engineer squadron, and a few odds & sods (admin & loggies)

an Infantry battalion Battle Group may have one of their own rifle companies, two rifle companies from another regiment, a tank squadron, a light recce squadron, an artillery battery, an engineer squadron, and a few odds & sods (admin & loggies)

an Army Air Corps regiment Battle Group may have........well, you should get the picture by now.
Thanks Nomadcelt and BFT-Bandit.

Perhaps I never made myself clear enough - for which I apologise - I understand the composition of BGs, per se, but not how that then transcribes into a graphic taskorg as part of an OpO overlay - you know when you're told you have Div level orders showing different BGs and the nomclature which appears after them (2,2) or (2,1,0,0) or (1,1,1,1).
There is a font package available for word which your unit should hold. Essentially you print out the key strokes (ie what they represent) and add text boxes around them should you need to build on them (2,2 etc).

Alternatively, try uding powerpoint to create your sumbols. Time consuming though I am afraid.

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