Help needed

Hi guys need some help for a friend.

He wants to transfer from the RAF linguist side of life to the Int Corps and has the following questions

Q1 Can I keep my rank of CPL ?

Q2 If I keep it how will I be able to do basic and their phase two?

Q3 What would happen about the lance jack cadre?

Q4 Would they be happy to accept linguists with any languages if they were willing to learn new ones?

Q5 Could I be classed as OPMI or would I automatically be OPMI (L)?

Cheers in advance for any help!

Get your friend to call the Recruiters on 94 649 2339. They will give accurate answers based on his/her qualifications and years of service/seniority etc. It would be an informal enquiry with no obligation or requirement to inform his/her chain of command. Once he/she has decided on the transfer he/she should go through their own CoC - the Recruiters will be able to advise on the formal process.


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