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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by plant_op_till_i_die, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. Just a quick plea for help, i have been asked to organise some adv trg!!!!!!!!! Yes that's right, ADV TRG! Anyway, have not got a clue where to start.

    I do remember going to spain with 25 engr regt in 1998. 33 fd sqn ran it and i am trying to find someone who was on it, not as a sprog like i was, but someone who maybe had a hand in organising it so i can pick there brain to help me set the same thing up in the same place, yes it really was that good.

    So, if anyone can help please PM me. Oh, i do know that the troopy, capt ben**t is now out of the army. Cheers gents
  2. I know you Sappers can spin a good yarn - but even I cant believe your getting time for adventure training.
  3. Speak to the PTI's. They have a form that is about 10 pages long that covers everything, risk assessments, funding, etc. It's a pain in the arrse to fill in but does help in the long run as it guides you through the organisation.

    Sorry I can't remember the name of the form.
  4. If you want to go to spain give the GWLO in Gib a ring for advice, Gib do a lot of Adv Trg in both Spain and North Africa and it will save you a lot of time reinventing the wheel if you can get old reports and PXR's. If you need his number PM me.
  5. I know an ex 59 guy in South Africa (CapeTown area) doing that sort of stuff can put you onto him
  6. cheers for the help so far boys, much appreciated
  7. Whereabouts in Spain are you looking at going mate?
  8. looking at a battlefield tour in slamance, napolean and wellington, and finishing in santander. But if someone knows somewhere better then i am up for any ideas!!!!

    Don't think my OC would appreciate diggerland, although, it would give the knockers something interesting to do for a change!
  9. Is there nothing run out of Gibraltar?

    May I recommend the Kite Surfing at Tarifa, the ogling of women at Puerto Banus, the quad biking in the hills of Marbella, fishing Morroccan bodies out of the Strait after bursting their dinghy and just to add a bit of variety and fun loads of hill reps up and down the Rock!!
  10. plant_op_till_i_die
    you got mail :thumright:
  11. BLIND 662,

    The ex 59er you know, is he a crazy surf bum, i might know him too
  12. Have you thought about 'Lines of the Torres Vedras' around Lisbon?
  13. Organise an escape and evasion exercise - Europa Point in Gib to the NAAFI bar in your barracks with no money and no documents. As each successive escapee enters the bar, he gets a round in (cheap for the first one back, getting progressively more expensive).

    The last bit of the trip should be easy (getting into UK), but you may struggle getting out of Gib.

    Organisation should be minimal, just "Right lads, off you go."