help needed

Would like some help figuring a chap out.

Wears commndo trained dagger, para wings (said he did P coy but whilst 29cdo without wanting to go 7) and also french para wings (says he served on attachment 2REP wilst29).

Also has claims to 22 (albeit vague).

Told me he got his mid in NI for something in 77 while his SA medal comes before his NI medal (surely his ni medal would then come BEFORE his SA medal as he did a full tour).

I am confused and feel I have ran into mr mitty.

He is still serving and age could fit in to the timeframe mentioned
I take it that SA means South Atlantic, if so then yes the GSM (with NO Clasp) would come before the South Atlantic , not because of fuill tours etc but because he states he got a MiD in 77, whereas the falklands was 82, first served goes on first, there are several threads on this subject in the QM's

Wings and dagger from 29, yes most definitely possible, French Para wings ? Yes possible I've seen loads of poaras in 7 RHA wear them, one guy admitted they wear them because they are the biggest and shinest wings about. All he had to do is a jump with them (there might be a min number of jumps actually)

Sort of with 22 ? I read that as worked with them very possible, if he was 148 Bty then a lot of ticks would appear.

the only question is about the medals, if hes still serving, there are a number of guys on here who might be able to help


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So he's been in for at least 30 years. Glutton for punishment - presumably he is a re-tread officer no longer serving with 29? A little more info needed if poss without jeopardising persec. But agree with Wellyhead - it is theoretically possible.