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Im currently in the process of joining the RLC.... The question is.. being 28 im too old for recruitment for the para's, i was wondering if its possible at some stage to go for P Coy training.. If successful what could the outcome be? .. Sorry for my ignorance on this matter but i was wondering if anyone could let me know the score

Good luck in joining the RLC. What trade?

Can't see any reason why you won't be able to go for P Coy once in, although the Commando course might be a better choice for postings. Enjoy.
At the moment its between port op & air despatch.. I havnt got the qualifications for AT which i would have liked.. I left it a bit late in joining up, so thats why i asked the question about the paras. I'll look into what u said.. cheers
Get in and complete Phase 1 & 2. If you wish to go Para / Commando it would help if you were able to display an higher than average level of fitness and physical robustness at these two stages.

Do this and express an interest in Para / Cdo Log, via Tp Comd Interviews / Initial Posting Pref and you never know . . . there are quite a few cases of the "older soldier" completing either of the courses and serving with them.

good luck

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