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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by robsven, Jun 10, 2006.

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  1. What a balls up.

    I'm due to do my two day recruit selection on monday, and I still need to go down to The Strand army offices to pick up my rail warrant and details of where to go.

    But I've suddenly realised that they may not be open today because of the football - I've tried phoning them on several numbers, but nobody is answering and the phone just goes dead after a while.

    What the hell should I do? Will they be open tomorrow, even though it's a sunday?

    And if they aren't open tomorrow, what's the next plan of action?


    PS - wasn't sure where to post this, so went to the busiest forum :D
  2. Bad admin mate. They're never open weekends anyway. What to do now...? What RSC are you supposed to be you going to?
  3. Tis a fcuking joke. I told them that I'd be unable to get down there during the week because I had to work.

    Haven't got a clue which RSC I'm going to. I'm planning to join the Royal Army Medical Corps, any ideas where they'll send me?

    I could, technically, go down on monday morning - but what time would I be expected to be at my RSC for?
  4. Should the office not have posted them to you as oppose to you picking them up?
  5. I think (long time ago) it used to be about 1400. Where's the strand? chatham? I think it goes by areas, south go to Pirbright etc.
  6. There are only four RSC's I believe, so you'll be going to the one nearest you. It all depends how close you are to the RSC, becuase they'll want you there for about nine o'clock in the morning.
  7. Go to your careers office on Monday, EARLY. They'll probably still send you even if you'll be a bit late, or put you back a course. Take it on the chin mate it's a bit late now!
  8. Pirbright, Lichfield, That one in Scotland and what other?
  9. The Strand is in London, so I assume I'll be going to Pirbright.

    Is there any numbers I can call to try and sort this out now?
  10. No mate. You'll not get your warrant til monday now. You'll need to know timings for the coach that picks you up at the station. Do what I said above, you'll be alright.
  11. That'd make too much sense! Gotta sign for the warrant mate. :roll:
  12. Not when I did mine back in January.
  13. Fair one. Too late now anyway.
  14. Righto. But the Army Office won't open till 9am I assume? And if they're expecting me to be at Pirbright at 9am, then surely I'm slightly buggered.

    The annoying thing is no-one phoned me to tell me that I needed to pick it up on Friday (as the offices were closed at the weekend) - I'm sure I've been down there on a saturday before.

  15. What's actually preventing you from getting yourself down to Pirbright for 9am monday morning? Can't you just get a coach/train/hitch a lift?