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As some of you may be aware. I am organising a charity event for Ssafa with my local Ssafa rep.
Obviously we are working to get as much done for as little costs and that's why I am appealing for some help.
We are looking for a printer to print flyers and possibly a programme.
Also we are looking for stewards and other volunteers to help out on the day and most of all we are looking for companies to sponsor the event.
I have actually got some pretty well known acts but they cost money so that's why we are looking for sponsors.
obviously the revenue raised from ticket sales will pay the bands and go to a good cause, but sponsorship is very important.
There is a possible change of venue to the MK bowl due to the bands that I have spoken to.
If anyone can help in any way please pm me and let of know even if its someone with a burger van.
As you know the all profits go to a good cause and if this works out the way we plan it could well become a regular event.
So if you have some spare time and would like to help raise money for the UK's oldest forces charity please get in touch.

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