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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Quicksand, Dec 27, 2011.

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  1. Guys,, I need some help or advice with a problem back in the UK.

    My sisters family is getting a bit of a hard time from some local knuckle draggers, and the fuzz wont or cant help, please PM me if you can help with a solution or advice on where to get some proper help.

  2. Tescos
  3. Address please, consider it sorted.

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  4. Get the number of the local community policeman/woman. They are the local experts, if they have phoned the police they have probably only talked to a faceless civilian miles away at a central location. What area may I ask?
  5. Didn't we have an A-Team thread?
  6. VG - You are such a cunt. But Funny. Want to like that, but Dii wont let me!
  7. Why won't the fedz help? If they won't help then someone else trying to 'sort' the problem out may tip the police into helping said draggers.
  8. gents you do make me effing laugh ,but honestly its a serious matter.

    Baldblpeep, its up in Leeds, they had the coppers around and everything.
  9. PM! I pity the fool who send the PM. Just so you know its me I will be in this.

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  10. If it's a serious matter why did you post it in here, you massive cunt?

    Now show us some pics of your sister before I bum you into the middle of next week.
  11. the problem is, they are scared shitless,oh well thanks any way looks like a trip back to blighty to offer my sister and her kids some moral support,sooner than I expected.
  12. Not Chapeltown is it?

  13. What were you expecting mate?
  14. Hold on, is the OP genuinely asking for help without posting clopper shots as an incentive?

    The cheek of some people....
  15. worse, Pudsey.