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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by rogermellie, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. Arrsers,

    I,m after a bit of help !!
    Can anyone tell me what the attached cabin was used for exactly and also if you look there is a large bracket that held a mast?
    What sort of mast would fit in there and also an what would be the nsn number. (makes it easier trying to find one on google etc)
    We are looking at using one at work for something but really need to know what sort of mast fitted in there.
    Many thanks

    R M

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  2. <wah protection on>
    Thats ptarmigan radio relay truck
    The mast would be a clarks scam 12 mast, still available from Clarks Masts.

    Have you bought it ?
  3. Polar,

    No wah shield needed !!
    I thought it was a piece of ptarmigan kit but wasn't sure.
    And as for buying it well yes looks like we will get hold of it .
    Cheers also for the gen on the mast system , i will try and source a second-hand one as i think a new one won't be cheap!

    Kind regards,

  4. Flaggie,
    Cheers for the link i will contact them on Monday.
    Right no need for a wah shield but how is mast raised do you use a co2 cylinder or just a compressor.
    The only reason i ask is i want to make sure we have all the right kit as i would hate to mess anything up!
    Any replies would be most helpful.


    Kind regards,

  5. What are you intending to use it for, is there any kit still inside it ?
    To raise the mast you will a disgruntled relay op, a round of bacon butties and a cup of tea. The butties and tea are for you, not him.
  6. The CES for the mast also includes an Interface, labial, which enables the operator to raise the mast by blowing into a specially-shaped mouthpiece attached to a rubber tube. Just make sure you leave the guys long until the thing's up, otherwise you can bust a gut wondering why your yagi's not going anywhere!
  7. Polar,

    Cheers for this great help :grin:
    I dont think there is much left inside if anything at all.
    It is going to be used for setting up high speed video in ie 40,000 frames per second type stuff. The mast will have a camera mounted on it so we can get pictures at height.
    We spend most of the morning setting everything up only for it to be taken apart by early afternoon . With this cabin we will be able to leave everything secure at the end of the day.
    Thanks for everyone else who took the time to post their replies. I will source a small compressor , dont want to be do anything manual:grin:
    I willl let you know how it goes

    Kind regards,

  8. This is sad, thats a late series Marshall 1 ton Bruin radio relay cabin that would have had only Triffid at the time making it a circa 1980 model, (the new style flaps on the door give that away, and the 01 TC 22 container number) the mod team would have upgraded it 85 in planning for Ptarmigans introduction in 86. The 12 metre mast was normally erected by using an airline from the trucks brake resevoir, but on top of the box I see a dismantled PU 12 mast, if the camera is light you might want to consider this lighter option. And thank god I never will have to inspect another one of those boxes, the number of "A" jobs I can already see would have ruined the Det Commanders chance of promotion for a year. Said it was sad.
  9. MM,

    Cheers for this.
    On the mast itself what sort of presssure is required to raise the mast.
    What i dont want to do is lob to much pressure in it and blow the seals in between each section. Do they have a pressure relief in the mast or is that on the kit that on the compressor/hand pump.
    Sorry if that sounds like a bone question only i,m just trying to understand how works before i get my mitts on it.
    Thanks again

    Kind regards

    R M
  10. We used the pressure hose from a 4 tonner PTO, or the supplied foot pump. Pressures were never very high on tickover and to be honest a good op could pull the sections up with very little assistance from the pump operator.

    This may be of use

    Clark SCAM mast
  11. Polar,

    Thanks very much for your help.
    Everything i need is on the link you posted.

    Kind regards,

    R M
  12. Send us some pictures when its done :p
  13. If you bang in high pressure into the mast it will smash the seals, not blow them, little and often more at the beginning, and little and rare at the end from a 100 PSI resevoir of about 1 CU metre If it can be pumped up by hand in with about 10 mins entusiasm with the mast pump with a canny helper helping lifting the sections manually and locking them off when they slightly thump. No pressure relief valve is fitted on the models I worked. there is a 70 Footer mast available, but not fitted on the back off the container as the extra height caused grief with over-head electrification on level crossings, Bridges, bunting and telephone cables in German villages, autobahn bridges. Also with SCAMS if you failed to leave the mast key in, and have not locked off the collars in the collapsed mode, the air left in the mast can warm up in the morning and start erecting the mast, even if you are trucking down the road in convoy.