Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by army_uk1, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. HI GUYS

    Im looking to join the TA im not the fitest of people im 15 stone iv lost 3 and a half stone in the last 13 week.

    I am confident i can loose the weight to get the bmi down from 29.1 to 28 but my fitness still needs improving heres what iv been doin.

    monday- step class with the missus
    tuesday- run mile and half
    weds - rest
    thurs - pt session general fitness lifting exercises
    sat- gym
    sun rest/run

    any ideas would be appreciated to get my fitness up as im doing the mile an hal in 14.50 min which is shocking i know.

  2. Try going on an ARRSE Crawl, with a cold that would kill a bloke. I've lost 5kg in a weekend. No shite.
  3. hmmmmm can u send me some germs please
  4. No. You don't deserve them. You talk in text speak and your spelling is rubbish.

    Alternatively, ask someone else who was on the crawl. I like to share. :D
  5. I just hope all it was is a cold...if you kill the good (?) half of arrse it just doesnt bare thinking about!

    As far as your run times go i can only suggest run more/further you dont say what distances you run other than the first one of the week, my time is shocking too but getting steadily shorter as I do a mixture of long steady runs with my idiot hound, and then just do a 3 miler once a week, with the middle section being what i take for my 1.5 time.
  6. monday step class with other half

    tuesday: run 5 miles

    wednesday run 3 miles to warm down

    thurs: walk 5 miles briskly
    fri: walk about 7 miles at ur own pace
    then fit into ur step class with ur missus on the monday!
  7. Running is for poofs. Cab it.
  8. 1. How long are you running for in the other days. You should always concentrate on time running, and not distance. If you are overweight you might want to think about some sort of crosstraining such as the elliptical strider as well as it will not be as much impact on your knees.

    2. What is your diet like? This is all moot if you eat pizza and fried chips every night :p

    Well done on your current losses.
  9. Don't runt to lose lots of weight- run to keep the weight off once you're down to normal. You'll fck your joints and back up otherwise.

    Swim once a day- morning swim sessions are great.

    Get an instructor to show you how to use a rowing machine properly and aim to do steady state for 20-25 minutes a few times a week.

    Do pressups before each meal and a few in commercial breaks on the telly.

    Eat less
  10. thanks for the quick reply people,

    I was on the cambridge diet now I think im going to go onto weight watchers as soon as my BMI hits 28, so the general consensus is to do more running for longer distances. I currently only run batween 1.5-3 miles per run.

    What des everyone think of Fartlek?, does it work?, how do you do it?

  11. Try doing 3 different types of run a week - a longer, steady paced run. You can add in an extra if you've time/as you get fitter. A fartlek run. An intervals run - if you've access to a football pitch, run round the edge of that as fast as you can, that's around 400m. Then walk round once. Start off doing that 4 times, then play about with it - reduce your run/rest times, increase repetitions, start running it twice then jogging it etc. As said above, if you're newish to exercise I would incorporate something else - perhaps spin/cycling or swimming. I would also say add in more strength work - mix weights if you have access with pressups, situps, stepups, dips and so on. Aim for 3 sessions a week.
  12. :D brill great advice thanks
  13. If you're specifically looking to lose weight, then increasing the distance/time is the way ahead - HOWEVER, as well as getting enough rest, you need to make sure you don't over-train. A personal favourite of mine is the treadmill/cross-trainer/stepper circuit, very low impact, but you'll be dripping by the end of it.
  14. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Be careful of just going off weight alone as a measure of fitness.

    Every time I go on a spree to get fitter, such as the start of the rugby season, I find my weight initially goes up as I lay down muscle bulk before I start to lose any.

    And yes I am a bulky prop with dodgy knees. I find low impact/high output by time the most beneficial.