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I am just gone through the recruitment process with the RAF passed the fitness test and medical and all the interviews but have been told that the trade I applied for is closed till sometime in 2010 if not later.

What would happen if I wanted to apply to join the army I would like to work in Logistics which is what I applied for in the RAF.

One of the reasons I want to join the army as I fell I have been let down by the RAF recruitment.
Just speak to your recruitment officer. Since you've passed your selection I can't see why they would decline a transfer request as long as you meet the criteria and they have space available.
To be honest mate, you'll probably be waiting into 2010 for any job you pick in the Army too at the moment. I know some jobs you'll get in quicker than others, but generally all of them have pretty long waiting lists. That and plus the application process is pretty long.

I'd just wait it out with the RAF if its what you really want to do. No point changing just for the sake of getting in earlier.

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