Help needed


Just wondering if anyone could help me! i recently went on an adventure training exercise skiing, and ive ended up with a torn MCL and ACL, waiting for ACL reconstruction! it was on an exercise with the TA and theres nothing that they can do for me!

ive been downgraded to a P7 and I cant do anything, they wont let me go on any courses, or take part in any squadron weekends!

my physio says I can drive but the army wont let me, I can understand not letting me do phys, and ive not got a problem with that, but im trying to find a way to get medically upgraded back to a P3 so that i can start taking part, i can accept them not willing to let me do phys for insurance purposes!

any help would be appreciated!


You have sustained a serious injury, your employer is bound by H&S to ensure you are fully fit before you resume normal duties.

I suggest you continue with your physio and after surgery take your time to ensure a full recovery, long term health is > short term fix
A regular would be on light duties with that sort of injury. I really can't see what you would usefully be able to do on weekend exercises. Are you still attending drill nights?

A couple of points spring to mind-

Are you off sick from your civilian employment (or if unemployed, not available for work) due to the injury? If so, it is illegal under TA regs to be paid for MTDs and associated expenses.

Your physio might be happy for you to drive, but I'd be more worried about my insurance company. That's almost certainly the reason why your unit don't want you behind the wheel of an official vehicle.

Even if you can carry out classroom training, office duties, etc, most courses require minimum medical standards which you probably don't meet at present.

I'd have to agree with M_B. Concentrate on getting fixed and then carry on with your TA career. Good luck!