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My name is John Storey. I served in, RMP from 85-87, RCT from 87-94, 4DD's from 94-96, 3Cheshire fom 96-98, and then from then until 2006 I was RLC. Then from 2006 civvie street.

I have been an alcoholic for coming on 20 years now, it has ruined my life. I've lost my license, it's cost me two marriages, it is what caused me to leave HM Armed Forces in the first place. But up until now, I have never really tried to do anything about it. Certain circumstances have caused me to re-think and now I want it to chnage my life and get off the booze.

My problem is, Alcoholics Annonymous doesn't really do it for me. I feel that my alcholism was partly brought on by my time in the Army, and AA don't seem to understand the squaddie mentality so cannot be of much help to me. So my question is, are there any ex-forces alcoholic self help groups in Cheshire that I could attend? Even if this is not possible, anything anyone can suggest to help me would be greatly appreciated.

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EDIT: I appreciate this is the section for a dross and a laugh, I just couldn't find a section of the forum that suited this topic the best. On top that I'm an old codger so this forum stuff is well over my head.


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Its you does it, stop blaming other things.


Welcome the the NAAFI bar, have a beer!
dpcw said:
Its you does it, stop blaming other things.

You are quite right, I don't blame the army, I blame myself. I know it's my fault I drink, and I know I need to stop. I just find it difficult to motivate myself to stop, and I feel that being surrounded by people in the same kind of situation could help me kick the booze once and for all.
Wah radars going mental here!


Chin up, son. Have yourself a couple of nippy sweeties to cheer yourself up and things will look better in the morning. Failing that, you might want to consider taking the leap into crack cocaine. With a bit of luck, you might then get the NHS to pay for your rehab at the Priory.
The RBL are very good at getting you in touch with the right people.
I have pasted a few bits below from the nearest area to you.

The first step is always admitting you have a problem.

Hang on in there fella.

West Lancashire RBL
14 St James Court
Wilderspool Causeway

Telephone: 01925 244719
Fax: 01925 243066

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Bill Martin is the County Secretary, responsible for Membership, Branch and Club administration.
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Julie Millwaters is the County Welfare Officer responsible for Welfare / Service work of the Legion.
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Our mission is to safeguard the welfare, interests and memory of those who are serving or have served in the Armed Forces.
Butler, thanks for the speedy and helpful reply. I though all hope was lost and this thread was goin to descend into the cesspit which is the NAAFI.

Thankyou for your time, I will be sure to contact the RBL as soon as possible.
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