Help needed with WW1 dog tags

Evening chaps/esses

just moved into a new house and discovered an envelope up in the loft containing some WW1 dog tags. Envelope's pretty faded, but a rubberstamp in the corner proclaims it to be from the Infantry Record Office London, and it's dated 31 May 1921. What is confusing me is that the tags are stamped RAF, yet they have come from the Infantry Record office - was there an Infantry Regiment with that TLA or did the Infantry Record Office handle everyone? The service number is six figures and begins with the letter I, if that helps?

For completeness sake - and in case anyone can help with tracing the serviceman involved, as this is a fascinating find (confused further by finding an RA capbadge up there too!) - below are the full details:

Service number: I462834
Name: Murthwaite R
Religion: CE
Service: RAF

The envelope is addressed to a Mr R Greenwood, 26 St Andrews Road, Hanwell and dated 31st May 1921.

If anyone can shed any light whatsoever would be much appreciated!

Google great war forum, what those blokes don't know can be written in very large letters on the back of a stamp. They're also very happy to help.
No R Murthwaite on the Debt of Honour register, so he probably made it through...3 Murthwaites in there, all infantry, no match of number and all killed in Infantry battalions (Manchesters, Welch and PWOs) between 1917 and 1918.

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