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Help needed with tracing family military history

I am in need of some help,
I am trying to research my Father & Father-in-law both who served in WWII.
I know i can go to a records office and look up details but does any one know of an online service available for record research.
I am not able to go in person to the records office due to a dissability.
Any help would be greately appreciated.
Sorry if this has been asked before but I have tralled through loads of posts but cant find anything.
The national archives only has WW1 or previous records. You need to contact the MODs Veterans Agency details on this site -> Veterans Agency

If you are NOK or your wive is, I believe its Free of Charge
sedanman32 said:
Thanks Slick Im there at the moment :D
Cant seem to get the search working properly at the moment. 8O
Go to contacts. Make the point about problem with mobility. Don't actually ask for them to do it but ask if they can suggest alternative; you cannot afford a paid researcher tell them. I found them megga helpful and you might getthe bloke who answered me. He did the work for me.

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