Help Needed With RN Badge

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by k13eod, Nov 6, 2010.

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  1. Ahoy there members of Her Britannic Majesties Royal Navy.

    I was wondering if you could help with a request from a pongo?

    I am currently putting together family groups of medals which I am mounting in frames complete with a photograph and, where possible, badges of service. My Grandfather served in the RNR from the early 1920's and throughout WW2 as a signaller. He left the service late 1945 and, having been "Acting" Yeoman of Signals and was promoted to susbstansive rank/appointment on a shore base just before discharge.

    I have muonted his photo above his medals (1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, War Medal, Defence Medal & RNR LS&GC) and on the left of his photo mounted a PO's badge (gold bullion best dress) with Kings Crown. This badge is a repro but is very well made. I would like to mount a similar type Yeoman of Signals badge on the right side, again with Kings Crown and with 1 star beneath (I believe from his service record this was his entitlement).

    I have searched the web, contacted dealers and visited military fairs and not found this badge! Would any of you know some collector of RN insignia who might be able to source one? If not I shall have to settle for just the flags without crown with or without star.

    I am of course willing to pay for the badge if it can be found (cash preferably as I don't think I would fit into a barrel!)

    Regards and thanks in advance for any help.
  2. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Could you do a special order from one of those Pakistani badge-makers?
  3. Have you got a pic, if its not to complicated I might be able to help replicate one.
  4. I shall try and find a pic and post it.
  5. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Try, I was in there a few weeks ago and there was all mannner of ex-RN junk in there.

    For wartime era badges generally:

  6. There is no star below the flags on a Senior Rates branch badge. Just a crown above the flags.
  7. Thanks for that Seaweed, I shall try them.

    Meanwhile I found these on the internet:



    I believe that from his records he was only a 2nd class signaller so it is the badge without the star but with the crown above. I'm after the gold wire badge like the one above but with Kings Crown.
  8. Nearly correct. Gunnery Instructors had them. CPOPTIs (as opposed to CPOPTs) still have them. There may be others.
  9. From what I found on the internet there was a star beneath a 1st class signallers Senior Rates badge but if you read my above post I now belive his badge to be 2nd class. It is a WW2 era badge that I require not current.
  10. Thought I would post a pic of the old feller ... no photo exists of him in PO rig but his record shows the promotion in 1945:


    And I love this pic ... to me it is timeless and could be three lads serving in the navy anywhere and any era:

  11. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Which HMS Chrysanthemum was that? Just been having a Google ... ;-)

    BTW, you have email from Slingsby. [Edit ... that was quick, thanks!!] :nod:
  12. Matters not what the Cement Heads and Club Swingers had. This is a discussion over the glorious insignia of one of Gods chosen Branch within the Senior Service.

    K13 - You are correct, you would be looking for a single crown over the crossed flags. Try to use an example of the flags depicted within your photographs not the modern No1 Gold badge you showed earlier.

    The Flags were more defined, had more wave to them and the staffs were thinner. The modern example you have discovered with the Queens crown above was a bastardised version produced so that it would cost less to mass produce. The originals were far superior.
    Even in their bastardised less tiddly state they still p*ssed all over the sparkers electrocuted budgie.

    Hope you succeed in getting the badge made up, wish I could offer some advice on where to go to get it produced as a one off.

    (I may or may not be an Ex CY, so my views on lesser branches and sparkers in particular may or may not have been tainted by contact with aforesaid groups :))
  13. Cheers SG. Now that you point it out I can see it's a far superior badge in the photo compared to the later issue.
  14. Just had a thought.

    It might well be worth asking over on rumration. There are numerous types on there who have access to HMS Collingwood either serving or ex.
    There used to be a Communications Branch historical section run on a voluntary basis by one of the instructors in 'C' School. If it is still up and running they may well have badges that could be used for representation/dimensions.