Help needed with Ref to Bluetooth and security issues.


Just looking for a little help.

What is the current policy with using Bluetooth as a Comms/IC system? I understand the Yanks have declared it as "Secure" but wondering what the Defence policy on this is?

Is there a document someone could point me to?

Thanks in advance.

(If anyone has any further questions, please PM me).
CESG say a big fat NO to the police using it, so I can't see mil comms being allowed to at this moment in time.
I have been using it to broadcast up to 300m, on a laptop with remote antennae. I had to get dispensation from CESG, the Boss and the Pope in that order.

There are big orange labels on the laptop, forbidding later connection to a network (ever) on pain of having one's balls boiled in butter. Boss would have been happier if I filled all external ports with araldite as well. At the end of each session I have had to run all nanny-security programs back-to-back, but you still can't connect it to a net.

The presumption is that all the time you transmit you are neccesarily open to receive, just the thing for mischievous 15 year old geeks to send you something nasty which you'll never clear up. Next thing you know, your laptop thinks it's a washing machine or somesort. Furthermore, you can unwittingly send the same onward to your target audience, with whom you will rapidly lose sympathy.

Think electronic chlamydia.

Same must apply to mobiles or any other TX device.


To say police don't use it is strictly speaking untrue. Cant go into detail but if you have a secure method of providing a pin code then you should be able to use bluetooth.


Thankyou for the replies.

At the moment we are looking into a vehicle IC system that incorporates Bluetooth, was just wondering where I would find the policy in black and white.

Back to cup and string methinks!

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