Help needed with NSN for contents for medical kits

Can anyone help me with where to get the NSN for the contents for a medical kit that i need to make up for Nijmegen marching team.

Have asked my medcen and been refused as it's not allowed to give them out, however QM dept will help me but i need to get the NSN.

Any help greatly appricated.

CHARLIE224 :frustrated:
Without going through the long and short of it, wouldnt it be better to take a vehicle first aid kit as they come with everything you are going to need.

Im trying to get enough for the team and for doing running repairs on hte way round also for the training.

Thanks for that thought anyway.


As someone who hgas been involved in the marches many times, you are far better advised to leave this to the medics on the ground. The Medical Centre are right not to issue "first aid kits" and I suspect that the QM wiil be looked at closely on his LSI if he starts to demand stores that are not on the ET.

Do the right thing, leave the medicine to the medics.


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