Help needed with Netgear Prosafe VPN

Just wondering if one of you techy guys can help out here.

I am trying to set up a VPN using Netgear Prosafe between a XP Pro laptop and a Netgear router.

I know the software is OK as I have used it on other machines with no problems.

However, when I install it on the laptop, I get a red slash through the Netgear VPN icon and a message saying "No driver installed".

Uninstalling and reinstalling the software makes no difference, neither does deleting the program folder and registry entries and installing them again.

After looking through Google, it would appear that it may have something to do with the IKE service. I know the software installs a service called "Safenet IKE Service" but it won't start. If I try to manually start it it comes up with a message saying "Error 1068. The dependancy service or group failed to start". Problem is that people have identified the problem on Google but have not come up with a solution.

Any help would be appreciated (except from MDN as he is as computer literate as a frog) as this is really p1ssing me off. Really don't want to go down the Netgear Tech Support line either as the robbing gits charge £1 a minute to tell you why their software doesn't work.

Thicky...... you can't even wire a plug nevermind any IT stuff
So what was the solution, in case anyone else needs it?


Just out of interest why are you using a VPN, there are often better solutions and VPN's can be very complex and time consuming. Not saying there is a better alternative but curious
msr said:
So what was the solution, in case anyone else needs it?

DNE drivers that come with Prosafe don't work on XP Pro SP2 or SP3.

Had to download two patches called "winfix.exe" and "dneupdate.msi", both from

To answer the question as to why a VPN, I am remotely connecting to another PC that in turn is connected to an SBS 2003 server. The remote PC has software on it (that I want to use over the VPN) that has to access networked drives on the SBS Server. This saves me having to load a very memory hungry program onto my laptop.

The security policies will not allow the remote PC to access the network drives on the SBS Server when using Remote Desktop or other programs such as PC Anywhere etc and although I agree, VPN's are a pain, I don't want to dilute the security settings by switching that facility off, especially seen as some of my guys are a bit computer stupid and could possibly leave their work laptops open to attack.
Aunty, I see

Have you tried remoting with web or SSL based type applications. I use one called logmein ( whilst out and about, its free, very very secure and is available through a browser so very lightweight. Not sure if your PC's security policy would stop this (probably would I guess) but might be worth a look. I think its great and use it all the time, it might be useful for other things as well, remote support etc.

There is a general move within IT security to move the firewall, anti virus, anti spam, intrusion prevention, VPN etc into the 'cloud' and within a year or two I reckon you will be able to get broadband with a managed security layer on top, just pick the options. Its already happened with telephony, email, application sharing and workshare type stuff, why have your own servers when you can do everything in the network cloud.

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