Help needed with essay points (seriously!)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by skydivescouser, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have been given a task to write a 3500 word essay along with every other SSgt in my Sqn on the following subject and have pretty much come up against a brick wall. I am therefore after some argument points that i could expand upon to write this bloody thing and get it handed in.


    Serious answers only please guys, I am after the more intelligent answers which is why its in here and not the NAAfi Bar!!!

    Not asking for anyone to write me a essay, just how you would interpret the title and which route you would go down to create an argument for and against??

    Many thanks in advance guys!

  2. I think you'll have to define what Business Efficiency means, to me it is incompatible with Operational Effectiveness.
  3. So the title broke down is:

    Can you have a successful operation on a budget?
  4. That is exactly what i was thinking. If we are to be 'business efficient' i would translate that to cutting costs as much as possible. I for one can remember being in certain places when we didnt have the right kit for the right job and it was crap! Can we cut costs and still get the job done?

    I totally agree that the two cannot go hand in hand but i am still stuck on where to go with this!

    many thanks for your reply though!

    Rifkind did a piece in the Telegraph only this morning on this subject.
  6. Business efficiency is not about cost cutting per se, it's ensuring that you get the biggest bang for your buck, that generally means running "hot" all the time. This is achievable in the business world because events are predictable, you know when stuff will arrive and when things will happen. In the operational world this cannot work, kit breaks or goes to the wrong place, even bad weather affects it let alone enemy action, so running "hot" in the operational world causes an immediate failure when something goes wrong. Therefore there must be spare capacity which in the business world is inefficient.

    You cannot make operations efficient you can only succeed or fail, the price of paring down until you are just above the failure point (efficient) is too high.
  7. You cannot have business efficiency when not operating as a business. As there is no custommer to satisfy, then looking for business efficiency is ridiculous.
  8. Firstly you will need to define your terms. To me business efficiency means lower percentage costs compared to income. Since in the military we do not have sales only a set budget I would interpret this as ensuring that money spent is done so as efficiently as possible.
    You appear to have already made up your mind but to write a good essay you are going to have to come up with arguments for both sides.
    Since militarily Operational Effectiveness is the key I would try and find some examples where costs have been cut and operational effectiveness has increased. I am not an expert in the area of Lean management (any REME out there..) but remember the case of engine refurbishment times decreasing, and costing less, meaning increased availability, and hence increased Op effectiveness.
    For a different angle (and easier to get references) try looking at some of the US Army work in an area you know a bit about and see how they have gone about doing things.
    Good luck!

  9. I know this isn't really how it works in the real-world, but on a theoretical level (for the purpose of writing this essay) the OP could argue that the tax payer is the customer (as they are paying for the service); or the citizens of countries we are operating in, even - even if they are not paying for our services, they are still receiving it.
  10. define business efficiency

    In procurement I would say so but at what cost to the defence industry.

    Combine support services triplicated in the 3 services - yes I should say so.

    Combine the 3 services into one....Well there would be a lot less brass and interservice competition, more commonality but at what cost to each service. It took WW2 to get a combined chiefs of Staff.

    Equip and train the services to do a job. Remember to change the job spec from fighting 3 Shock Army to what we currently do is inefficient as everyone needs totally different kit so thats not business efficient.
  11. If I could expand on CQMS … need to define “ Operational Effectiveness “ and then “ Business Efficiency “ . Then expand on requirements to achieve these objectives . There may be conflict and mutually supporting points to achieve these together . Expand on all of the points . If you have a predetermined opinion that you cannot achieve both then bias your development of points accordingly .
  12. Check PMs (in about 10 minutes)
  13. Getting some great starting points here, many thanks indeed. Another direction I am looking at is more to jew_units idea that there is no customer, well actually, being RLC, the stores world do have customers ... the BGs.

    Loving the CQMS point that we are not particularly looking to cut costs, merely to get more for our money in theatre. could op entirety be included in becoming more business efficient? what about bob ainsworths plans on slowing down the accommodation improvements to leave more money for HERRICK, could this be construed as business efficiency? as far as i can see we are merely robbing peter to pay paul with this!

    Am I thinking of a picture well above my payscale and should I cut this right back to maybe concentrating on my Unit becoming more 'lean' yet still being able to support the BG at home and abroad?

    Or should I just sack the whole thing and tell my CO that the dog ate my homework!
  14. Consider the simple task of getting some stores from A to B in an operational environment,

    A. Stick them in the back of a Chinook or

    B. Stick then in the back of a 10 tonner.

    A gets them there on time(ish) without any major problems but is expensive, B may get them there eventually but you need to protect them and may lose them but is cheap.

    Loss of the stores means the operation fails, pick one.
  15. brilliant, thank you. This leads me to yet another way of thinking. as an RLC Driver who will be in charge of the FP on the CLPs... is there a real need for the HUGE amount of UOR vehicles in theatre if the majority of the kit is airlifted? (which is what I am led to believe happens)