Help needed with cv

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by darkmennis, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. hi
    just wondering if anybody would be kind enough to look through my cv and proof read it for me and maybe reword some things as i'm having a brain fart.

    pm me your email address and will send it asap


  2. Not a good start to offer a service that requires basic grammar!
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  4. Just looked at your website , how dreary . Did you grow up always wanting to do Process and documentation design ? Sickness and absence management makes you sound like a snitching little bully magnet . Your 10 year old self thinks you're a top ****.
  5. Lol good point!!! It has been a long day. Best you send it over in the morning if you want to? :)
  6. There is nothing quite like making yourself look like one too is there? :)
  7. One has to smile.

    No, I'll change that to despair.
  8. For those who still can't fathom out how to write a CV (like me until a few days ago!), register at and go to the CV Builder.

    It stopped me banging my head against the wall anyway!
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  9. CTP is a load of bollocks - are they still trying to "guide" people into using their resettlement on companies providing courses such as the 3 week into to plumbing etc etc? CTP make money out of this I'm sure. When I had my CTP experience it was all geared towards pressing people to do fibre optics courses. Call me cynical but considering most in the group I was in were naval s&s dept (cooks, writers etc) I hardly think it was targetting individual skills. And no - I was not in an S&S branch ;)
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