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I'm hoping some old Infantry blokes can help me. I've written a heavily fictionalised story about life in the Army circa 1969 - 72. I was RE so I don't really know how many men were in an Infantry Battalion and did you guys get the odd Saturday screwed up with a Battalion parade? We got ours stuffed with Regimental Parades which took weeks to prepare for and were over in less than an hour. .
I seem to recall the 650 Bn (650 being the Bn strength) coming into vogue 'round about '71, before that I believe the strength was 750 or thereabouts. With regard to saturday morning parades - it pretty much depended where the Bn was stationed and what they were doing. Saturday morning RSM's Parades pretty much went out the window, in the UK and Germany anyway, by the end of National Service, in favour of the morning after pay day (which, until about 1972, was weekly).
i think i have read your book already mate ;-)
Thanks for that - Busterdog. I was about right.
Get yersel a Search Dug and get it to right a story aboot you.

oops, already been done..

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