Help needed with application for council house will still se

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by funky, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know if there is any specialist treatment or things i have to do to get a council house ( in edinburgh).

    Had my own house with the ex and we have split up now and currently cant afford to buy again on my own.

    Back staying with my mum while im on leave and at 26 its not a ideal situation not after having moved out at 18 and always had my own place.

    I'm going to be posted to germany so a private rent is a bit much so was looking at council renting.

    Do i just apply for it and wait forever as im not homeless what with staying in the block.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

  2. If you are being posted to Germany, why do you need to rent somewhere in Edinburgh? or are you thinking for when on leave? in which case its a bit of a waste for the odd week/weekend.
  3. you need to get your mum to write a letter to the council telling them she wants you out, you would then have to spend time in a hostel until a bed sit or 1 bed flat became availible.......really worth it if your being posted?
  4. Yeah i feel i need a place to stay might seem a bit strange but its good to have roots. So yeah i do feel its worth it

    I'm not looking at travelling back all the time but still want my own place. Was just wondering if they looked favourably or if i was pretty much going to be stuck waiting forever for somewhere.
  5. you will be waiting for ever as they will see you as already being housed by the Army, unless you suddenly become a refugee single parent with 15 children and a wide screen TV I wouldn't hold your breath.

    If you really can't stand staying at home for the times you do get to come home, have you thought of looking at booking yourself into a travel lodge, booked far enough in advance they can cost as little as £19 a night and won't tut at you when you roll in at silly o clock in the morning with a bird on your arm
  6. will they also store all the shiote ive collected over the years? I.e 18 fishing rods with all the tackle, 2 push bikes, 4 mfo boxes of "stuff i might need" and the worlds supply of kit?
    Cheers for the help anyway

    I might just book in for some skin pimentation and learn a language quite badly! :D
  7. I personally think you have no concept of money. If you really need to feel independence from mum when on leave, just stay in a B+B when you visit. The way the army is nowadays you won't be home that often anyway. As for the cr@p you've collected, do you use it regularly? If not, sell it. I mean, 18 fishing rods? Come off it.

    Life the life of a happy nomad while you have the chance, when you eventually get married it will be all but a pipe dream....
  8. This a wahh?
  9. I can assure you i do have a concept of money after buying my house 3 years ago it has kinda gave me of a ruff idea of what money is worth. Nah its not a wah was just looking for info!

    Yeah i understand what your saving with the " Is it worth it" angle i think it is so was just looking for direction if someone had been in the same situation
  10. B & B plus storage unit?
  11. Maybe look at a caravan and car!! Cheers for bothering to look though i'll let you's know how i get on
  12. The Council will ask you lots and lots of questions and give you a score. The higher the score the better your chnaces.

    When I tried moving out at 16 the first question I was aksed was "are you pregnant" when I replied "no, most certainly not" I got a funny look and was asked if I was sure. They said that if I had been I would have been in my own flat withing a matter of weeks.

    As your always out of the country and being posted to Germany, you will be waiting for years as your not as much in need as a family that have lost their house due to the current economic climate.

    I personally think yor crazy, I can understand your used to living on your own but there are other people out there which ar emuchmore deserving of the property especially as you wont even be in the country.
  13. ^^^^ What he said. Council housing is at a premium currently due to our economic crisis. Personally I think you are a selfish fecker if you only need a place for when you are on leave.

    Find yourself a girlfriend with her own place...
  14. SHE thank you!!
  15. Please accept my apology.