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I'm not sure if this is the right forum but I wondered if anyone could help with a problem that's just a risen with Amazon Music Unlimited.

I contacted Amazon Customer Services this evening to ask what the difference was between Amazon Prime which I have a monthly subscription at £7.99 with and Amazon Music Unlimited which pay an annual fee of £79, and you get music with both of them. I know now that you get about 90 million songs with the latter and "only" about 2 million with the former.

The annual sub for Music Unlimited had just gone out a couple of days ago, so I enquired whether if I cancelled it, would they refund my £79 for this year. The helpful chap who it's fair to say didn't have English as his first language put me on hold to find out. A few minutes later he returned and told me that it was good news; he'd cancelled my subscription and they would refund the £79 as it had only renewed within the last 14 days.

I explained I hadn't wanted to cancel it there and then but just wanted to know what my options were and would this now mean I had lost the approximately 600 songs I had. He said I would keep all the ones that were available on Amazon Prime but would lose all the ones that were exclusive to Music Unlimited.

On checking I reckon I've lost between a third and a half. They are still there, have not been deleted but are "greyed out" and can't be played, whereas the rest can.

The question I have is if I renew my Amazon Music Unlimited sub, does anyone know if the greyed out songs will automatically be restored? I've tried Goggling it to no effect and the Amazon people seem to have gone home. Any advice greatly appreciated as I'm gutted and wondered if anyone had the answer so I don't need to spend ages on the phone tomorrow. Not the bloke's fault really as I probably didn't make myself very clear.

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The question I have is if I renew my Amazon Music Unlimited sub, does anyone know if the greyed out songs will automatically be restored?
TLDR : Short answer, yes.

There is Amazon Music, 2 million titles, mostly old stuff, which you get chucked in for paying for Amazon Prime services, i.e. no delivery charges for ordering Chinese tat, & books etc., plus other things like a limited selection of Prime videos.

Amazon Music Unlimited is an extra cost option which gives access to all their music including UHD & HD songs, (Ultra high definition), which costs either £7.99 per month or £79.00 for an annual subscription.

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However, I'm sure you'll regain access to all your stuff once the payment side is sorted as a while ago I shared a large playlist with two friends, one of them had Amazon Prime and all the Unlimited songs on my playlist were greyed out, the other had Amazon Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions and none were greyed out.
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Much obliged to you all. I'm sure it will be fine as they would have deleted them rather than greying them out. If not I'll have fun re-adding songs but at least I'll cull the duplicates of similar versions. I'll have a look at You Tube as well before I think about re-subscribing.

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