Help needed tracing a person

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by I_AM_CANADIAN, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, sorry for the intrusion onto the Aviation boards, but I need a bit of assistance in tracking down a friend of a friend.
    I was back in Canada last week, and was approached by the guy we were staying with to try and track his buddy down.
    They were at college together,the guys initials are RD and he is about 34 yrs old, a Canadian by birth from Vancouver.
    The last he heard of him was that he was involved with Apache, if not flying them.
    So thats all Ive got, anyone help?
    Anyone with any info just PM me and we can go through the usual bollox to make sure Im not a bird who is up the duff by him etc etc



    Sorry couldnt resist it.....