Help needed to trace Regt etc

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by RAF_Liney, May 4, 2007.

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  1. Hi,
    I have come across a letter written to my Great Grandparents by a nephew expressing his sympathy after their son was killed in France in 1916.
    The letter has his No, rank and name, but no Battlion or Regt, along with France 1916 at the top of the letter.
    Have tried to track him down using the WW1 medal cards at the National Archives, no such luck, nor is he on the CWGC site.
    Is there any other way of tracing him???
    Just using his number brings up a lot of cards with the same number to look through, I can only think that his records have been lost or not transcribed.
    Thanks for your help
    RAF Liney
  2. Does his regimental number have a letter prefix to it? There are various different letters denoting Regiment, Corps and role, regular army and territorials, A letter would help to find his parent unit.

    For example my great grandfather had a prefix T which denoted him as serving with the ASC.
  3. Try the name, rank, and number on the search in Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

    I think you need the year he was killed too, no probs you have you have a d.o.b??

    The trace, if I remember right should give you unit/regi details as well as any memorial details.

    Sorry I forgot how to hyperlink....but CWGC is easy to find.
  4. Don't think so, as much as we can work out from his hand writing it says:
    No 2807 Pte A Roberts
  5. He wasn't killed, already tried what you suggest, he's not on there, his cousin who he is writing about is though.
    Thanks for the advice though.
  6. One possible explanation.
  7. Had thought about that, but my dad seems to think that it was soldiers personal records that were destroyed and not the medal cards.
  8. Could you please clarify what you are looking for:-

    Is 2804 A Roberts the dead son or Great Grandparents nephew? There is no 2804 A Roberts on the CWGC website.

    There is a 2864 Alexander Robertson of Perthshire who is killed 31/7/1916.

    What abouts in the world did your great grandparents live? People were much less mobile and it may be easier to look in local units.
  9. 2807 Pte A Roberts is my G/Grandparents nephew. He was writing to my G/Grandparents expressing sympathy that their son, which was his cousin, was killed.
    My G/Grandparents lived in Liverpool Road, Buckley in North Wales. The Roberts family, as far as we can work out, lived in Wharton in Cheshire. He could have been in The Cheshire Regt I suppose.