Help needed to support our troops

:D I am arranging a charity military event, the aim of the show is to raise awareness of what our troops do in training and on tour.

Along side this we will be raising money for the Army Benevolent Fund, SSAFA and The Royal British Leigion Poppy Appeal. The funds raised from the entrance gates to the show will be passed on to the mentioned charities.

Can anyone help me with the following:

Advertising - website link swaps etc
Website design
Display Teams
Army, Navy & Air Force recruiting teams
Activities (rock climbing/ shooting etc)
First Aid
Volunteers i.e. ticket sales at the gates, parking attendants, co-ordinator help
Service men and women who would like to talk about their experiences in the army.

Any other assistance or ideas welcome.

Some of the difficulties i have come across is that i have no funds, and some companies want to charge for the advertisement - making it very difficult for me to cover a wider area other than Basingstoke.

I have already managed to do the following:

- Quotes for fencing, PA/Sound system, liability insurance, fair ground rides, portaloos - tbc
-Help from Basingstoke Army and Air cadets - leaflets, advertisement banner on their building, fund raising events i.e. leg waxing!
- Forums - Ross Kemp in Afganistan
- Advertisement on local radio and newspaper- Kestrel FM & Basingstoke Observer.
- The Reading Chronicle have agreed to advertise the event.
- Display teams as mentioned on the website.
- I have contacted the Prime Minister for financial assitance but declined and offered a "small item to auction" We had no intentions for a raffle?

The Sun, Mirror, 2-Ten FM, BBC - South Today, Hewlett Packard, Virgin Media have all declined yet the Mirror and The Sun Newspapers appear to be really keen for this type of thing. Many of those i contacted haven't even replied such as Sky.

Maj Miller, is in charge of the recruiting teams for the home counties, and appeared rather negative in offering assistance, although stated that this was a good cause - perhaps this is because she has a fair amount of involvement with the Aldershot Army Show? She also stated that they do not have the funds for the recruiting teams.

Thanks again to the Basingstoke Army and Air Cadets for all their help and support.

Contact details:

supportourtroops @

I will provide a phone number on request via the email above.

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