Help needed to put a sympathetic American in the picture

I have a stateside mate - ex USMC. A couple of days ago, an email of his came over containing the words 'Tony' 'Blair' and 'astute' in the same sentence 8O 8O A red mist came down, and he got a long reply back saying that while the word 'astute' could be used in connection with Bliar under certain circumstances there were a few basic Anglo Saxon terms that were far more appropriate. Basically I gave it to him with both barrels about the forces - extended role, personnel cuts, cr@p kit, human rights, trumped up war crimes trials for political ends; the whole works in fact.

Some time ago, there was a lot of coverage in the media about the fact that service personnel would be able to take their superiors to court for wrong decisions, even if taken in action. A lot of ex service personnel wrote to the papers saying - quite rightly - that this seriously compromised an officers ability to command, as he would have to keep one eye looking over his shoulder the whole time. I mentioned this as well.

This (ex) bootneck has asked for more detail on this particular issue. I need help to give him a proper answer. I didn't keep any of the articles written, and I've been out for a long time now. What is the situation now?

All replies gratefully received.

SLR (Not to be confused with SLR Boy).
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