Help needed to identify Regiment

I have just joined in the hope that an expert on this forum can help me out. I have a picture of a relative in uniform and I wondered if anyone could identify his rank and regiment. The picture dates from WW2 time frame give or take a few years. looking forward hopefully to some good insights.

Evan Lewis, Dads brother..jpg
Royal Flying Corps, going by the ears.

Joking aside, the cap badge looks a bit like a dragon, so, a Welch regiment?
Or Royal Berks.....

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Royal Flying Corps, going by the ears.

Joking aside, the cap badge looks a bit like a dragon, so, a Welch regiment?
Nope. Buffs.

As an aside, Saffers play Cricket at Buffalo Park in the port city of East London.That is near the Buffalo River.
The sports club is know as the Buffs, and has the East Kent badge.
The regiment was based there back in the 1800s
And wear buff-coloured kit.
Thanks guys for the responses so far. The Welch connection is something I might have expected as he was from Swansea. Is there enough info to guess at a rank?
Another vote for The Buffs. My first thought was The Wessex Regiment but then google put me right in that it didn't exist pre-1971

Surprised it's not The Rifles - everything else seems to be at the moment.
I thought the same, but look at respective depths of ground. Bloke was too good a soldier and the badge is shining back at us, though as you say, shape of the scroll bottom should be there.:smile:
The depth of ground is small, in my mind definitely not Buffs as the ground is way too small and Berkshire is a non starter for me, totally wrong shape.
It might be Brecknockshire as their title scroll was straight and quite narrow. Which brings us back to a better photo.
If a Swansea lad Brecknockshire is looking the most obvious. The badge fits and Brecknockshires had a location at Ystradgynlais, this is just North of Swansea.
Need a better photo of his arm, that will tell me all.
I have one more picture that probably doesn't help but thought I would post it anyway. Its a good job the ears dont run in the family....

Uncle Evan, date and location unknown.jpg
Scroll only, Brecknockshire.
mons has no scroll and buffs has more metal at the base. If you can get a picture of the badges on his arm that would help.

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