Help needed to identify book author please

I am begging here, I am trying frantically to remember the name and author of a book (yep - this is a pretty long shot so far :D ). Its a humorous book about WW2, written by a German soldier (semi autobiographical). I remember that the first book in the series was called "Gunner xxxx" (can't remember the name of the soldier it was about) and it was set in Germany, and the second darker one was when he was on, I think, the Russian front. I think he died after the second one was written. Now the only thing I can narrow this down to is that the author's surname almost certainly began with a K or an L.

Any mind reading genii out there who might from this very obscure description be able to identify it?

Please forgive me for being a bimbo girly, and allow for the fact I last read this book 22 years ago.
That is just the set of books I meant. Thank you both for your amazing ability to work out what I meant on the basis of so little information.
The German expression "Shütze Arsch" is a euphemism for "general dogsbody". The author, Hans Helmut Kirst, was an officer during the war and the direct superior of the former, and now thankfully brown bread, Bavarian Minister-President Franz-Josef Strauß.

Here's an explanation of the German expression:

Ursprünglich aus dem militärischen:
1. Jemand, der einfach der Letzte ist, also im letzten Glied (Reihe) maschiert.
2. Name: Arsch, Synonym fuer Hinterteil.
3. Dienstgrad: Schütze, unterste Stufe
Insgesamt also eine dreifache Abwertung bzw. doppelte Steigerung von Arsch.

And here's a translation:

Originally from the military:
1. Someone who is simply the last, meaning in the very rear row when marching.
2. Name: Arrse, synonym for buttocks.
3. Rank: Gunner, lowest rank.

Thus all in all a threefold degradation and/or a double emphasis of arrse.

Hope this helps.



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Brilliant books and funny as feck. This was the first I realised that the boxheads had a sense of humour very similar to ours. A soldier who does not like the war and does not want to soldier, but also does not want to get shot. How he gets out of things is really funny - well worth getting and reading if they are still available.

Edit to add that the books probably taught me how to soldier properly :D

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