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Hi all,
Once again we get back to the Tax/Ban issues

I was in BFG in 2005 and brought a tax free car when i was single. I got a posting out of BFG, not my choice, but got told i had to take a quick posting. On return to the UK i could no longer afford the car, and the fuel, (tight i know!) and i also had a house to pay for, so i sold the car within my 12months, i think is was around my 9 month point.

I got a letter of customs while i was serving in the UK, about a year later saying i had to send the BFG plates back, which i never got told about. I told them i had sold the car, registered in the uk etc and i had the plates in my garage and would send them over.

I also got a tax bill through, around 2k i think and could not believe i was getting this. I wrote a letter back saying that i did not ask to get posted back to the UK and i was close to missing payments on my house, my troop commander wrote this letter for me. After this letter was sent by myself i heard nothing back from customs and think i might be ok.

When i got posted back to Germany, 5 years later (now) and went to register our family car they brought up the number plate issue from 5 years ago saying they never received them. I told them they got sent and might of got lost, then they made me pay 17 euros for the plates, which i did not mind paying as they got lost on route. They then said that car had been shut down now with bfg.

I am now after buying a tax free car a want to know if i will get stung if i apply for a tax free car.

Can some one please help. I have BFG'ed 3 cars now with no hassle.

Is it worth taking the risk??

Please help!!:meditate:

many thanks
You need to contact: C & I, BFG, BFPO 40 and ask them. They might have accepted your quick posting story (better if you could prove it with a copy) or they might have given you a BFG Ban (although, from what you've said about BFG'ing 3 cars since, it sounds unlikely). If you've been able to buy Fuel Coupons then you probably don't have a Ban.
If you give the BFG VLO Main a call on 02161 472 4100 they will give you the correct info. It is better to ask than get a tax bill on a new car. Ron and his staff are nice people and will genuinely help. just ask if you have full BFG entitlement without going into details. If you have been registering cars that are over 2 years old they are not classed at tax free entitlement so you may not have had a problem, but new cars are treated differently. Hope this helps
The worrying thing is, if i phone up and ask them them it might rise the problem again and i might get flagged up. I thought if i was getting BFG fuel coupons etc i would be ok. Could i register a new car in my wifes name?? If i can help it i do not really want to ring anyone if you know what i mean:afro:
Lewis07, your service number will be checked against the BFG VLO Main records anyway, so I would have thought they would have 'caught you' before now if there was a problem. You will need to find out at some point. As the bans are family wide bans registering any new car in your wife's name will flag the same problem. It is better to know now and address any problem rather than buy a new car in the wife's name and find out you are banned from last time. You will then end up with a tax bill on the new car. Personally I'd give them a call and get it resolved mate. They are a pretty good bunch at JHQ, contrary to popular belief.
Thanks for your reply, i might just give them a bell and see, but worried i will end up with a bill!! Might just ask them and see what they say but it was 5 years ago now. If i ask them if i am on a ban will they chase me there??? Nightmare......... Will i tell them or just ask to see if i am on a ban??
I'd just ask them 'You're thinking of buying a new car, can you just confirm you have BFG entitlement as you have not been in BFG for a long time'. They will then confirm your entitlement, or tell you you have a problem. Either way you will know what is going on and if there is a problem you can tackle in head on and get it out of the way. You can always give us a call then and we'll sort you out with a new set of wheels.
If I may, and what I believe is that any santion is as follows:

Fuel ban all family members

Tax ban only the person who owned the car.
If you where single at the time no ban will effect the family

Advice as above ask you might be suprised and or adjust your requirment.
Good luck

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