Help Needed Targeting Abs

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by stan2484, May 1, 2006.

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  1. Me and Mrs Stan have recently embarked on a fitness regime that has seen us both dramatically improve our weight and body mass, nothing special just sensible eating/drinking and loads of exercise etc, however even though Mrs Stan is now 8.5 stone and fitting into a size 8 and looks fit as a butchers, but she can't seem to get rid of the last bit of belly (legacy of four kids).

    She works out daily Mon - Fri at local gym doing running, cross trainer and ab roller machine etc but can't seem to shift it.

    She has tried crunchies, twists etc but nothing seems to do the business, can any of the wise PTI's suggest (sensibly please) a way she can shift this.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I'm actually on the quest for the holy grail aka abs. I think it's fair to say that ab development is 95% diet... Not that if you're as thin as a lat that you'll have em. I'm currently 12st 2lb (5' 9") and am reasonably toned. I ran a marathon three years ago and went slightly overboard on the training, dropped to 9st 10lb and still could find em...

    The balance is between keeping a decent amount of lean muslce and keeping the fat at bay. There are some good diets on-line that I could point you to, but the best ones are the six-meals a day regime.
  3. You can't spot reduce fat, i.e. working a specific area to remove bodyfat from there is a no go. If it is loose skin from overstretch (pregnancy) then the only option to remove it would be to go under the knife. Any amount of abdominal work will not let your abs show through if they are covered by a layer of fat, nor will it shrink loose skin, though performing weighted abdominal work will make your abs more prominent so they show through more at a higher bodyfat percentage. As has been said, cardio work, diet and abdominal exercises is the key for a six pack.
  4. As stated above, no amount of abs exercise will give you a well defined six pack if there is a layer of fat in front of it. The only way to get them showing is to continue with your health regime and loose that last inch of flab. Hard to swallow, but true.
  5. Difficult if the tummy is skin that has lost elasticity, that's very difficult to get back, but there are creams etc taht are designed to help. I'm really impressed that you're doing it, fair play to you. You could try 'The Abs Diet' by David Zincenko. In this book there are absolutely hundreds of graded exercises to target the abdominals, and each part of them them so you don't overwork one area. It's a dietary thing as much as anything too, and you might find that this is the difference that makes the difference if you get me. Speed work and introducing interval training will also help.
  7. Ah, I beg to differ. Although this particular book was not what I was expecting, and I confess that I haven't subscribed to it's preaching, I have been using some ofthe exercises and I have started seeing a noticable difference. It's got hundreds of them, and they are graded so you only do what you're capable of, and you can target the whole area, without overtraining, because yes, the abs can very easily be overtrained. Overall, the book is not great, but some of the exercises are, and it' s worth getting for that reason alone, it's not exactly the most expensive investment. We agree on all else which is nice :)
  8. Thanks to all those who have posted so far your suggestions have given the wife something to go on, please keep them coming in.
  9. Believe it or not, but a good session of sex is a great way burning of calories and toning up.

    get yourself to it man!
  10. Agent Smith may I ask whether this claim is backed up with 'hard' evidence ;)
  11. Yes i was hard but somebody had to test it.

    The last lady who hepled me with my 'science project' lost her flabby belly in under 3mnths of regular. She seemed happy, (and so was i! :twisted: )
  12. Your science experiments sound heaps more fun. If only I had a flabby belly :(
  13. Don't suppose you've got a flabby bum? I would be more than happy to help you out. All in the name of science! :D
  14. swim constant for about 40-45 mins then try doing crunches the next day painful the constant kicking (crawl) or raising and kicking (breast stroke) work the abs fantasticaly whilst providing a cardio exercise that burns of more calories min for min than running also low impact so less strain on joints

    what you have to except regardless is body shape and fat distribution is largly down to genetics and no matter how much work you do and how good your diet you may just be geniticaly disposed to have a beer gut (or after 3 kiddies your missus might just have to except she has a little bit of over hang) focus on enjoying the improved confidence, self esteem, and vitality that being fit brings you and you may find the results improve with out you really aiming for them. fitness is a lifestyle make it part of your daily life with a well balanced structred programme combining cardio, resistance and flexibility and reap the rewards
  15. Oh Agent Smith you're giving me just the incentive I need to become a couch patato and get fat, just so I can lose it again. Sadly I'm just not flabby anywhere, what can you do with athletic figures?