Help needed, Rolex Milsub for sale.

I could do with a hand if anyone is interested. I have a Rolex Submariner (milsub) that unfortunately was "misplaced" after being issued. The Navy has had its dues for it being misplaced so it's all good.

It was issued from the SBS stores in 1987 to my father, when he left the Corps (and found the watch again... :wink: ...) he gave it to me as I was still a serving Bootneck at the time.

I'd love to be in a position to give all monies raised from an auction of it to H4H but I'm not. These things sell well, there's some real anoraks out there who pay huge amounts for them. What I'd like to do is donate any money raised at auction over 40k to H4H. The last Milsub sold went for 45k so this could potentially be a fairly large amount, especially if you consider anything over 40k is a charitable donation so can be claimed back against tax, so, all the big players in the watch market are prepared to pay 40k+ for a milsub so what they'll be doing is bidding charity money against each other.

Here's where I need the help. The watch is currently at Rolex in London, I'm in New Zealand. I need someone to go to Rolex, take some photos of the watch and co-ordinate the sale. I can supply the history of the watch etc. for auction purposes.

Anyone up for it?

Anyone up for it?
SgtMuckySandshoes said:
I am up for it but only if you donate at least half of the money! to H4H

I will go and do the photos etc

What say you?
Who are you to lay down terms and conditions? The guy is already donating A possible £5000+ to H4H.
Let me know where it is..

If its 'proper' London then I'm up there Thursday and Friday- if I can fit it in Friday, am more than happy to get photo's done.

PM me the details?

Montigny_La_palisse said:
Spanish_Dave said:
Is that Holidays4Heroes :?
Having had a chat with the esteemed Blobs. Yes it is. :D

SgtMuckySandshoes said:
I am up for it but only if you donate at least half of the money! to H4H

I will go and do the photos etc

What say you?
He's already said he is in no position to do so. Cheers for that.
Excellent news, I will open a san miguel by the pool right now, thank you
Yes it's for Holidays 4 Heroes, like I say I'd like to donate more but I'm not in a financial position to do so. I'll get some dates together for a meet up in London and post them. We'll then take it from there. Bonhems apparently have 2 Milsubs up for sale on the 10th June so it'll be interesting to see what they go for. Sotherbys have seen and are keen to sell the watch but I'm not to sure on commission charged etc, does anyone know what e-bay charges?

I've got to go away and do the curse of the drinking classes all week but will post dates next weekend.
Just a bit of an update.

The offer for H4h isn't dead in the water, it still stands. I have unfortunately been inundated by lots and lots of time wasters and tossers.

There must be lots of websites out there full of the pricks, (if there is I don't want to know, seriously, I don't) If I had fifty quid for each knob jockey I've dealt with H4H would be rolling in money by now. So I'd just like to say to any Milsub fantasist who happens to read this, Fcuk off eh, no I'm not going to give you all the serial numbers, no I'm not going to just give out the watch's service history because funnily enough if kind of matches mine and I don't know you from Adam and where the fcuk did you people learn about these watches? if I have another twat telling me all about how, and to who, and why these watches where issued I swear I'll go kill something. Hello dopey fcukers, guess what.....I got issued one, I happen to know other servicemen that got issued them as well, get over it and embrace reality, not some kind of alternative history that gets made up in chat rooms. In short, go look at trains and stop bothering me.

On a more positive note, I have a couple of dealers across the world, USA and OZ (isn't the internet wonderful) who are talking serious money and are quite grown up about the whole watch world so all is not lost and I hope to end this saga and get some money to H4H fairly soon.

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